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I used to be a daily reader of Pitchfork’s record reviews.  But hell’s bells… 5 records a day was a lot to read.  Not to mention the damage it was doing to my poor credit card downloading all these random hipster tracks and albums.

A combination of greater work/family responsibility and increased call-volumes during the radio show means I seem to have less time to read album reviews.

I tend now to focus on their forkcast section as its A) shorter and B) comes with free downloads.  Plus they have lots of chillwave which I like right now.

Tuesday, I randomly read the reviews and found a band that I am now loving.  I could tell from their album artwork they were likely some degree of Brooklyn, bedroom electo heroes… and low and behold, Small Black is!

I guess that goes to show how important album artwork is, I judged that book by its cover.

I downloaded their new record New Chain and also found a free download for you if you want to check out their song “Despicable Dogs.” Its so super-duper 2009… but who didn’t love the summer of ’09? I challenge you to say you didn’t!

Download >> Small Black – “Despicable Dogs” (mp3)

Its a light, sexy, fuzzy, electronic sound.

Go with yourself.

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