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About 3 months ago we talked about Swedish electro group NONONO and their song “Pumping Blood.”  A catchy and fun song in the popular style of what’s passing for modern alternative right now.

The blogs were saying that this internet sensation might just be the one that breaks on through to the otherside…. commercial radio.

Well, it is starting to, with spins on some of the big US modern Rockers and even a couple features on The Zone here in the Garden City.

I received an email the other day from a dude named Johan Reinhold.  This Swedish artist also had a track produced by the same guys ( Astma and Rocwell) that put together NONONO.  His logic; if you like NONONO, then maybe you’ll be into “Ghost.”  There is only one way to find out.

Wait a minute…. did Johan say he was a g-g-g-ghost?!?!
We gotta get that key and get out of here!

Go with yourself.

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Dark & fun pop from Sweden: NONONO

Here is something catchy from Sweden.  The group is called Nonono or No NO No, or NONONO… female vocals and couple dudes producing.

The first song I heard is called “Pumping Blood.”  I heard it compared to Imagine Dragons.

Pop Justice says that song could be one of those jams that eternally bounces around the blogs…but it might just be catchy enough to show up on the radio.  I dunno, what do you think?  I mean we got a radio station antennae, do we pump NONONO over the air?

They posted this b-side a few days ago and its already sitting at 50,000 plus plays.

Go with yourself.

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