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ride like

Oh you’re dancing real close….you’re making it hard for me!

DJ’d a Christmas Party last night. My first DJ gig since the middle of October. I headed to the Island to DJ an Octoberfest type happening.

I will say, I’ve enjoyed the break….DJing less makes the events I do a lot more fun. Done (I think) are my weeks of 4 (or more!) parties.


Having this random Christmas party the other night meant trolling soundcloud again for some fun remixes. I wanted to post a few from the “a-sied” department

90’s throwbacks are still a thing. This is 1997’s “Too Close” by Next.


I’m not proud, but I have been on a fierce 70s, 80s soft rock kick. I’m a bunch closer to 40 than 30 so my throwbacks take me back to being a kid and listening Adult Contemporary radio in the family station wagon and then later, Dodge Caravan. 1410 CFUN!


I heard Christopher Cross’ 1980 easy breezy “Ride Like The Wind” ….sometime ago? Maybe when Sirius XM had the Yacht Rock channel going….I HAD to have a remix. This one proved a challenge to find a legit download. I ended don Beatport and buying a whole compilation of Joey Negro jams just for this song. So DJ Negro wins this round.


Another Whitney Houston remix of “How Will I Know?” Settle down…you know you want this one too.

1985, why you got all the hits?


Hits of yesterday and today remix collection ends today with Huey Lewis and News’ “Power of Love.” The power bomb from 1985 was written for the film Back To Future.  I love this song, this remix is…to my ear…just OK, but it fits the set….

Go with yourself.

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