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Pham has a dark sound EDM jammer with Sober Rob and featuring the vocals of Madi. The song is called “Alibi.” Just a bay, 5 days old and a quarter million spins on Soundcloud.

Talking on Billboard; “The decision was to set the sounds in contrast. We found our common creative ground with (vocalist) Madi. In this example, the vocals became really light and instrumentation started to get gritty and hard hitting.

“We wanted to introduce something new, push the envelope amongst the wave of replicating sound aesthetics. To sum it up, what you’re about to hear is an otherworldly thing. An anthem, if you’d call it one.”

What I love about the information superhighway is that Pham is from Poland, he’s collaborating with a singer out of LA…and I’m blogging about this song from Vancouver.


also I have new music concept.


Oh this is really chill.

Go with yourself.

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