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I have been loving Bonobo’s Migration record. One of the standouts his his joint with vocalist Rhye.

The two showed up on the Song Exploder podcast this week. A very cool episode that deep dives in to Simon Green’s creative process.

I love how the podcast pulls apart the layers of the songs and has Simon explain where the samples come from, or what inspired them. How he then manipulates them and then throws the whole project over to Rhye to get his spin on vocal performance. Rhye also shares the personal story behind the lyrics..Adds a lot of weight and context to the enjoyment to the song.

Go with yourself.

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Bonobo‘s new record, Migration, comes out on January 13th.

He released a music video for the second track called “Break Apart” (featuring Rhye).

This song is so cool.



This one came down the pipe from a singer called Jacob Banks.

The tracks “features new production from the Futuristics and a verse from Boogie.”


And I don’t want to be a super cry baby….I get that people need to eat….but man, my Cloud Nothings tickets arrived for their show at the Biltmore in February. $50 for a pair of tickets to see an indie rock band. Nuts. The service charge was almost as much as buying a third ticket!

How many sleeps till Christmas? Getting close! Can’t wait. I have some Island time in the forecast, so looking forward to a little holiday and catching up with Victoria friends and family.

Go with yourself.

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