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Melissa McClelland and her husband Luke Doucet are Whitehorse.  Back in July when the Rob Ford crazytrain just began to rumble off the rails, they recorded a song called “Boss Man.”

Its amazing what time will do…now, as a Nation, we are in Full DERP and the Rob Ford tragic-comedy is all of the news, all of the time.

And so, we need this, more Rob Ford, but in song.

Luke Doucet talks about the song, “The chorus (na na na na na) is meant to evoke a thumbing of the nose. Whether it is the Mayor and his ‘Nation’ thumbing their noses to their Chardonnay-sipping urban detractors, or vice-versa, depends on your perspective. ‘Boss Man’ was initially conceived as a recording experiment. It is the first Whitehorse recording built with the tools we employ live; namely our looping device and our everything-including-the-kitchen-sink percussion rig. As such, we played all the instruments ourselves.

You can own your own digital piece of Ford Nation here.

Go with yourself.

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