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One half of Death From Above 1979…not the half that told me this excellent bear story.

No, the OTHER guy in DFA 1979, Sebastien Grainger, has a solo record called Yours To Discover (November 12, Last Gang Records).

yours  Isn’t “Yours to Discover” the motto of Ontario?  That is way better than British Columbia’s “The Best Place on Earth,” because during good or bad times…. you know, you can still discover Ontario…but whenever there is an article negative to BC, some joker always says, “‘Best Place on Earth’ my ass!”  We need to take that away from the trolololololols.

The last time I was in Toronto was 2007! And I found an old Ontario license plate in a gross slushy snow bank on Spadina…and I kept it, and its on my book shelf!

Right… Sebastien Grainger’s new song.  Pitchfork calls it “a synthy jam that fans of DFA 1979 will most likely appreciate.”

Hey! I’m a DFA 1979 fan… and I DO appreciate this synthy jam.

Go with yourself.

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