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Checking out the new music video from London, Ontario band Single Mothers.

The music video below comes from the record Negative Qualities.

Press for the video says; The video for Patricide / Feel Shame follows a particularly devious cult leader as he guides his flock through their final sacrament. Furthermore, it explores the idea of feeling lost or directionless, and how the need for belonging and validation can lead to potentially dangerous groupthink. I have always been fascinated by cults; specifically how cult leaders can create a power dynamic so one-sided they can lead people to their own deaths, willingly. Conceptually, the video explores the abuse of trust and power that are emblematic of different leaders associated with various institutions. In Patricide / Feel Shame, Patricide represents the cult leader’s outsider views – which he presents to his flock – while Feel Shame represents his inner thoughts, serving as the mantra that powers his ruthlessness.

The Canadian punkers are touring some pretty big festivals in the US and UK this summer like Pitchfork Music Festival, Pukkelpop, Reading Festival and Leeds Festival.

Go with yourself.

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