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The promo pic of Snugs is a delight.

Go with yourself.

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Snugs looks pretty new to the scene. No real bio or anything to check out. All the social media links look recently set up. So we’ll hit play and see if we like it.

Let’s check out the song “Radio Silence.”


I DID get some press about Snugs. Silly me.

A conceptual music project that is just as much an ethos and story as a DJ/producer duo. Spearheaded by a lovable but mischievous character, Snugs encapsulates everything related to comfort, creativity and the bedroom.

And the “story” for the song is on the soundcloud link.

She tapped her finger nervously on the side of the illuminated screen. Her words in a wall of blue text screaming back at her. She shifted uncomfortably in her bed not able to find a comfortable position. It had been exactly seven hours since his last response. In her desperation she cries out for comfort with all her might…


In that moment Snugs was listening. An omniscient and benevolent being, he rushes to action and appears at the foot of her bed.


“Who are you?” the girl asked.

“Hello there. I am snugs. I heard your cry for help.”

“Did he send you?”


“Can you make him respond to me?”


“Well then what good are you to me?”

“I cannot make your problems disappear, but I can be here through times of need. We all get frustrated sometimes when it feels like we are being ignored. Sometimes the best things to do is just to let it allllll go. Our lives and happiness are not dependent on other people. We create our own comfort. Now grab a blanket, throw a pillow, get up on your bed and dance!”


And this Coldplay chill remix popped up and I want to share it.

Go with yourself.

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