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Back to the grind in Victoria….well except for my 6-year-old Madelyn, she is enjoying more summer as there is a teacher’s strike in British Columbia.

We’ve been enjoying summer. My wife and I try to get the kids out to many adventures. There was a fair in Saanich over the long weekend. Here is a picture of our little guy Jack enjoying the TORNADO! (we didn’t actually ride it, but the Carnie thought it would be a funny picture).

Yesterday at the radio factory, Bossman Johnny turned me on to a new one from Andrew McMahon. Andrew McMahon was in a group called Something Corporate in the 2000s and then he fronted Jack’s Mannequin

Today Andrew performs as Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness.

Buzzfeed does a pretty good job of running through the timeline of events that led to Andrew’s new solo record coming out in October.

The first single is called “Cecilia and the Satellite.” The song was inspired by the birth of his daughter. You’ll definitely hear the vibe of those old Drive-Thru 2000s emo rockers on this cut…but all grow’d up for the year 2014. When Bossman Johnny and I sat down to listen to this we both went, “oh, this could be a radio hit.”

I hope it is for the man, sounds like he has worked hard chasing the dream.  The Buzzfeed article talks about him setting his sights on a hit;

(…)McMahon is quick to reveal his mainstream aspirations.

“I still want to win. With every record I’ve ever made, I’ve shot for radio,” he said. “It’s not that I want fame. I want to write music and I want to have the most people humanly possible hear it.” His hope isn’t without reason: The music he’s making under his new moniker sounds like stuff that would fit right in on Top 40, bookended by a Maroon 5 jam and a Sam Smith ballad. It’s less Something Corporate, and more Fun.

Go with yourself.

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