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Looking forward to the Squamish Valley Music Festival coming up in August. My wife and I are hitting the Sunday. I was checking out the schedule to see who we might see. Some pretty huge acts, but one I was not familiar with was London’s Bear’s Den.

The alternative folk band  are on the Garibaldi Stage at 6PM.

And here’s their cover of Sylan Esso’s “Coffee.”

Go with yourself.

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My wife Coral is off to the Squamish Valley Music Festival this weekend. The adventure is a bit of money bonfire as we’re discovering. Tickets, hotel…sure. Beers, you expect it… but then parking? $125? or a shuttle from Whistler for herself and her sister is $300? Holy shit Squamish… my wife is in almost $1,000, hasn’t left yet. Now we’ll add ferry, gas, food, an Eminem t-shit. Kowabunga.

No wonder the weight of the Industrial Festival Complex may implode in on itself.

OK… well she is in it this deep, buy the ticket, take the ride and all that, so she asked me to put a playlist on her phone of Squamish bands… I tucked through the list and added 22 songs to check out. Some headliners, some small print. Some Much Mega Hits, some album cuts…

Go with yourself.

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slam dunk
There is a lot of excitement ’round these parts for the Squamish Valley Music Festival going down August, 8th, 9th and 10th in… Squamish, BC! Tickets on sale next Friday for close to $300!

Line up looks special, highlights include Arcade Fire, Bruno Mars, Eminem… and then a pretty good slice of what’s new and hot. As always seems to be the case with summer festivals, I’ll be DJing a wedding that weekend in Victoria, BUT maybe my better and prettier half will get a chance to go!

Lots of great local and local-ish acts including a band from Victoria, that to be honest, I am not overly familiar with. A friend of the show from Boston asked me about them awhile ago.  So I found out about this local band from a dude in Boston, huh.

The group is Slam Dunk.  Check out this song!

I feel like an idiot for not being more into these guys earlier.  So good. Like a frantic, weirder Modest Mouse.

Go with yourself.

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