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Unbelievable story of a Harley Davidson Motorcycle that got swept away during last year’s tsunami in Japan. It was in a storage container that had foam installation and bobbed it way across the Pacific to turn up on the Northern tip of Haida Gwaii.

Victoria Harley dealer Steve Drane was able to track down the original owner and is retrieving the bike.

Soundcloud: Steve Drane Helps Return the Tsunami Harley

Greg Spooner was 1/5 of an expedition that used human power to row around Vancouver Island. The WHOLE thing. Crazy… I take the elevator when there is a perfectly good stairwell beside it.

It took the men 3 weeks to make the journey. Have a listen to Greg talking about the adventure.

more info: http://oarnorthwest.com/expeditions/salish-expedition-2012/

Soundcloud: Greg Spooner Rowed around Vancouver Island

Go with yourself.

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