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Storm Crow

Last week, Taylor invited be to the Storm Crow Alehouse on Broadway to hang out with her and Stark.

We chat about the crazy puzzle game on the back of the Storm Crow coaster, nerds, Dungeons and Dragons, Stranger Things, my controversial hot take on James Corden.  Good times!

Go with yourself.

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Aquilo is the super chill duo from the super chill village of Silverdale, which looks to my ignorant eyes…as a town in a park in England? Must be nice.

I’ve blogged about these bros before, I like their soft sounds.

New song is called “You’re Like Me.”


Today is a perfect one in Vancouver. I went to Storm Crow Alehouse on Broadway to tape an episode of their podcast. My walk into the city after was glorious.

I’ll let you know when the podcast goes live and maybe you’ll throw it a listen for me? We yap some Dungeons and Dragons, Stranger Things, James Corden, Pokemon, beer.

Go with yourself.

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unnamed (20).jpg
Brooklyn’s Augustines have a new record for us in June called This Is Your Life.

Today they sent over a new listen off the upcoming record called “When Things Fall Apart.”

This follows an earlier song called “Are We Alive.”

They have a show in Seattle, but no Vancouver date.

July 30th – The Crocodile – Seattle


I am so happy today! A few years ago now, I ordered these adorable cassette bookmarks from some website. Cheap…like $6 for the three. I used them but over time they drifted away. I had one left and my son wrecked it.

But then…my wife fixed the broken one, we found another in an old book that my son had pulled out of the bookshelf and Coral tracked the third down!  Three moves, still have all three. Weird, wonderful.

Go with yourself.

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flowery wall

Canadians are amped on the census this year. So many Canadian are filling it out, it actually crashed the government website!

I wanted in on the fun, so I filled mine out.

Go with yourself.

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Better Call Becky with the good hair….

 Beyonce released her 6th album on Saturday night. It began with an HBO special for her visual album. On the record Beyonce is dealing marital breakdown, infidelity, sadness…and then reconciliation, healing and empowerment. There is a lot going on with the record sonically.
Also a huge selection of samples, features and guest writing credits… The song “Hold Up” has Beyonce riffing off an old Yeah Yeah Yeah’s lyric from their song “Maps”, that was changed up a tiny bit in a 2011 tweet from Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend.

One of her songs features the ferocious guitar of Jack White and a sample of Led Zeppelin. Check out “Don’t Hurt Yourself.” It’s a rock and roll jammer.

Go with yourself.

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jack and maddy slide

Big Alt Rock news today… Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam covers the Batman theme with his adorable 7-year-old daughter Harper. Now I’m not saying he copied my son Jack, but I will say he was clearly inspired by.


4/20 and Vancouver are like peanut butter and marshmallows. Yesterday was festive in the Terminal City as the entire suburbs emptied out to Sunset Beach to blaze.

It was a new venue from years past where it was traditionally held at the Art Gallery.

I guess a few folks didn’t check their emails…and went to the Art Gallery anyway.

Go with yourself.

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tall tree header

And would you look at that…your friendly neighbourhood music blogging DJ is jamming a set on Thursday!

Tall Tree is called a “boutique” music festival….I guess. It’s a crazy time. If you can get to the West Coast of Vancouver Island at the end of June, do it! There ain’t many music festivals going like it.

When I walked into CFOX today, the music director Britters and producer Jamie were talking about the lineup. They both were excited to see Dirty Radio on the list. I wasn’t familiar.

Oh that’s fun, I can see how people will be able to get down to these guys on the side of Brown’s Mountain!


Like I said, the Festival is nuts. Hit Tall Tree’s instgram to see how they’ve captured the energy and vibes.

See you out there.

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Huge news in science today. Scientists at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) have observed gravitational waves for the very first time and have proved Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity.

But what are gravitational waves and will this discovery lead to time travel or the creation of a star gate? To answer these questions I turn to Michael Zemcov. He is an experimental astrophysicist at the Center for Detectors of the Rochester Institute of Technology. Before that he studied at UBC and grew up in North Vancouver.

So gravitational waves are a bending of spacetime that happen when a huge energy event occurs in space, like two massively dense black holes collide into each other. As the black holes come together, the spiral around each other. That spinning increases in velocity as they come together and the energy warps and bends spacetime in waves.



I’ll need to make a point to find some new tunes to talk about on blog…jeeze, it’s been awhile eh?

Go with yourself.

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Incredible story out of South Africa. In 2013, a treasure trove of bones were discovered deep in a cave from a group of people who lived 3 million to 4 million years ago. The bones point to a primitive person similar to humans but also retaining some ape like qualities.

The humanoids have been labeled the Homo naledi. Homo because they are connected to modern humans in some respects (but experts point out, not a direct connection) and naledi means “star” in the local Sesotho language. The remains were discovered near Johannesburg in the Rising Star cave system.

The bones show a human like person who may have stood 5 feet tall and weighed around 100 pounds. The brains were small, not much larger than a chimpanzee. Males and females had a similar body type.

What separates this find and these people from apes is that it appears that bones come from a burial chamber. Burying the dead is generally considered a uniquely human trait. Also the chamber is exceptionally dark and wild animals generally don’t travel into the dark.

The cave was down an exceptionally narrow cavern. Six scientists could fit down there and one of those was SFU PhD student Marina Elliott! (click this link to see some awesome pictures of Elliott in action!)


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Mike Chang at VancouverTrails.com shares his top 5 favourite late summer hikes near Vancouver.

Mike says the best thing about a late summer hike….no bugs.

01) Garibaldi Lake – Check out that stunning turquoise water.

02) Wedgemont Lake – Mike says this hike is a challenge, but the temperatures are forgiving this time of year. And a glacier? C’mon!

03) Goat Mountain – First off, great name. Second, pair it with Grouse Grind and feel the burn. I think they serve beer up there somewhere too. Hey UBC, I see you!

04) St. Mark’s Summit – You’re gunna get some prime-time Howe Sound views.

05) Mount Seymour – You’ll need to hit this one before the snows. Winter is Coming.

Do you have a favourite hike in the area? Perfect for late summer and early fall? Post it in the comments…I am always looking for new places to explore when I get a day off.

Go with yourself.

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