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Lana Del Rey - Stint Remix
Lana Del Rey’s “West Coast” is finding a home on alternative radio with its dark and moody Dan Auerbachness.

LA producer STINT brightened up the song.

He talks about the song, “I really like it when you can completely flip the production of a track upside down, and still have it make sense with the lyrics. I thought Dan Auerbach did an amazing job on the original. It’s smokey, classy, and a bit dark… It’s like a fine scotch you sip real slow.  But I tried to look at the song from a totally different angle, and when I stripped everything but the vocals away, I found a really innocent love song. Not like an overly romantic love song… more like that tingly feeling you get in your stomach when you’re walking home from an amazing first date. Or those brief moments every once in a while when you forget about any shitty stuff going on in your life and you just feel light. That’s what this remix sounds like to me.”

Go with yourself.

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