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When I first moved to Victoria back in 2003…there was a popular local band we used to play on The Zone called Grace Nocturnal. The lead singer was a dude named Marty Zylstra.  The band would eventually dissolve and the members would move on to other projects.

Marty ended up in Vancouver where he fronted a band called Sweetheart.  I remember hearing their cut “See You On the Weekend” on an old Starbucks compilation.

He is now operating as a solo performer.  His new single is called “Brighton.”

here is what he writes on a press release:

Carl Davis (the Left, the Pompadoors) produced this new three song EP in an old school and almost Nashville style studio session where the songs were finished on the studio floor with only the best Vancouver based studio musicians. 

Mixed by Mr. Davis and mastered by Sean McGee (the Beatles, John Lennon) at Abbey Road Studios this initial offering shows three sides of Marty’s personality which includes an affinity for British culture, lyrical themes of a vision of past life lessons and future domestic bliss, and a sheer twisted humour.
Go with yourself.

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