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Last night, The Boxer Rebellion came ot Vancouver for a show at The Biltmore. My man Jason had an extra tickets so I tagged along. I hadn’t really thought too much about Boxer Rebellion since the late 00s? I have one of their albums, Union, and I hadn’t punched it up in years.

The band had a couple support acts. A singer/songwriter dude and a group from NYC called Hey Anna.

Dreamy indie rock. Reminded me of Alvvays a little.


The Boxer Rebellion were solid. I was impressed with their set fr the most part. They do like their slow jams…but those also tended to be the songs that got their audience of 30-something recovering hipsters to get all hot and bothered. In fact, they stopped down the set about half through to come into the crowd and lead the audience in an unplugged singing of “Always.” It was a cool moment and raised the energy in the room after.

This isn’t from Vancouver, but basically they did the same thing at the Biltmore. Just lower roof, and way sweatier.

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Top concert! #BoxerRebellion in #013, #Tilburg.

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Another song that I didn’t really get but the audience lit up for was this slow jam, “New York.”

My buddy Jason got into the band because of an iTunes free single of the week, “Evacuate,” (do they still do those) and the movie Going The Distance.


Before the Boxer Rebellion took the stage, I was feeling this Afrobeat music jamming from the PA. Fela Kuti, “Lady.”

Go with yourself.

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