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The Coral have been blasting out some fine alternative rock from England since ’96. Their 8th full length record came out last month called Distance Inbetween.

My wife’s name is Coral…so I always perk up when an email from The Coral’s hype team shows up in the inbox.


Let’s keep it British… must be all the History of England podcasts I’m listening to or Pillars of the Earth I’m reading.

Catfish the Bottlemen have a new single called “7.” Now here;’s the thing music promoters….it drives me nuts when you send me an email to blog a song but the song doesn’t exist anywhere. Like what are you even doing? Why would you send me an email to post, but then have nothing to post? Soundcloud…soundcloud. Youtube if you must (but Hype Machine doesn’t read the youtube embeds off my blog).

I like the band so I punched around to find a version of the song…so I guess your mind games worked? Fuck me.

New record is called The Ride and it’s out on May 27th.

Here’s the band playing their new single “7” in a “live lounge” setting for Portland’s KINK.

Love the song. Love the band.

Also colour me new…I had no idea there were two modern rockers in Portland. I always jam 94/7 Alternative Portland. Huh.


In other news… It has been straight up summer in Vancouver the past few days. Mid to high 20s in April….fufffffffffff.

Go with yourself.

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