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Vancouver out the window

Occasionally it stops raining in Vancouver…and when it does, not a bad view eh?  That from the CFOX studio looking east toward the Eastside of downtown and out towards the suburbs. My iphone camera is not a real camera…but you can see out to Brentwood (left) and Metrotown (right) and even Mount Baker (kinda….tucked to the right of Metrotown).

Last night I was DJing at Match Pub in New Westminster. I have been DJing there on Thursdays for the past little bit. The first few sets I’d say have been….uneven? as I get back into the swing of it, but last night was the first time it felt good. Settled into some deep house, chill wave beats, a little hip hop or remixed hip hop and modern rock. I think it sounded alright. Still a work in progress, but last night was encouraging.  That Bob Moses track was a hit, actually had a few folks come up to ask what it was.

Plucked through my old Veneto playlists and played a few old favourites like Sir Sly…then today my man Jesiah messaged me to turn me onto a new Sir Sly single, “Expectations.”


Last Fall, we set off on the process of writing LP2. “Expectations” was one of the first songs that came. Since then,…

Posted by Sir Sly on Friday, March 11, 2016


My wife Coral and I went out the other night for a random Wednesday night of debauchery. A friend was having a birthday and said they’d be crushing at a place in Chinatown called The Emerald. It was off Main Street and Nik described it as, “Emerald Room is on Gore, it looks like a foreclosed-upon stripclub from outside, and then inside it looks like an opium den where you’re gonna get your pinky finger cut off with a cigar cutter, and then you go through a curtain and it’s full of disillusioned hipsters drinking negronis. I love it there.”

He wasn’t totally wrong. It was a bit of a battle getting the kids to sleep, so we left the suburbs late, and it was a rain storm but we persevered.

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@jesuiscoral: "where are we going?"

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Found the spot in a deserted rain drenched Chinatown.

When we got there, there was some weirdo jazz-ish band playing, lots of the mentioned hipsters…but no Nik. (he apparently had been denied service? oy vey)…But Coral and I made the most of it and crushed a few cocktails. I had to have one of those mentioned negronis.

Hey blogger friends, Happy Friday! Go with yourself.

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