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Happy Tuesday! Been chin deep in incredible playoff NHL hockey, fighting off the Spring rains, boxing, Eastering and always seeking new tunes.

Today I have Lione’s remix of The Knocks’ “Trouble.” It’s a fun, big sounding, vocal house song. If it ever gets sunny again in Vancouver, this will be my jam.


Hey how cool is this…my interview with Lars Ulrich of Metallica got picked up by Blabbermouth. Thanks for the shout out!


I do post a ton of electronic music. Man, DJs and producers hustle on the blogs…but I personally listen to alt-rock most the time. And an modern rock radio DJ is what I do.

I’ve had the Cold War Kids L.A. Divine banging in the CRV for a week now. Thanks Cold War Kids for still sending compact dscs to radio stations…some people still fight with the shrink wrap and pop them in the CD player.

Go with yourself.

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Yesterday I posted a video from Dave Wallace.  A great wrap-up video from the celebrated Rifflandia festival.

The video features a repetitious, 90s-esque sounding club banger.  The song is from a production duo called The Knocks.

The Knocks are from New York City (of course) and have shared the stage with a smorgasbord of elctro-popsters.

The song Dave used in his video is a sample of an Alphabeat song called “DJ” sped up to warp-speed, with some vocals and a little pixie dust.

The Knocks – “Something I Can Dance To”

Download MP3 >> Something I Can Dance To by The Knocks from HEAVYROCMUSIC

Glow sticks Go! and go with yourself.

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