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Another band I’m bring back from my time in LA is a group called The Lemon Twigs. When Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters was talking about some modern rock bands he was excited about, the Lemon Twigs name popped up.

The brothers from Long Island, New York make some great weirdo, outsider rock. The sound feels like it driven through halcyon vintage nostalgia machine.

“Night Song” shows off that weirdo element.

“These Words” bring a bit of that vintage vibe.


I guess I better think about getting a taco or some lunch before the old radio show.

DJing tonight at Match at the Starlight Casino in New Westminster. I think I’ll need to do some work on the setlist tonight. I’ve been really feeling loungy beats… I LOVE breaks from the Led Zeppelin remix I blogged the other day.   And I’ve been into anything I have from WBBL which is not enough.  So much good funk.

I could see people liking this one.

Go with yourself.

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