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Spin has a great article today about the White Stripes’ 2003 album, Elephant.

On April 1st, it turned 10.

I remember when this record came out, I was new at The Zone.  We had “Seven Nation Army” on all the time.

That summer, me and my then girlfriend Alex, took a trip to Bob’s cabin at Christina Lake, and we had Elephant going in Dodge Colt’s Compact Disc player.

The Spin article begins with high praise for The White Stripes longest song, “Ball and Biscuit.”

“It begins and ends with “Ball and Biscuit,” and by “it,” I mean “Western civilization.” The 21st century’s most astounding, most wryly pornographic, most brain-meltingly electrifying blues song. Did the electric guitar even exist prior to “Ball and Biscuit”? Did distortion? Did hype? Did critical praise? Did the colors red and white? Did outlandishly oversize declarations of virility? Has there been a single memorable guitar solo performed anywhere, by anyone, in the decade since its release?” (that Spin article is pretty cool, worth your time if you have a fond memory for The Stripes)

We better listen to that one!

Go with yourself.

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The Zone’s resident DJ, Boitano…. put together a quick edit of The White Stripe’s “We’re Going To Be Friends.”  Have a listen, maybe download it… and listen to The Modern Rock Mixtape today at 5PM on The Zone.

Go with yourself.

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I read a great article in National Geographic the other night on my couch (hmmm fitting I guess)… It was a story about workout music and the studies of sport psychologist Costas Karageorghis.

Basically he says first, what we all know… music during a workout is good.  Especially those 120-140 BPM songs (beats-per-minute).  A song in that sweet spot is what so much popular top 40 music sits at (great for dancing right… cardio).

But there is so much other insight.

Lyrics help.  A song with a message that is uplifting will propel you. (think Kanye West’s “Stronger”)

The beat of a song can make you a more efficient runner.  You are able to use music as a metronome to lock in your stride. (think some dubstep)

Silence can work for you.  It is helpful during times when there is no music, to imagine music!

You can listen to music when you’re sitting on the couch thinking of working out… you start with a slower BPM and work up as your workout improves.  But a great song that inspires you will get you excited to hit that treadmill. (Think the Rocky Theme)

Women and Men use workout music differently (because women are from Venus and Men are from Mars.)  Males tend to be more rock & roll and women tend toward pop.  Men pick music based on the sub-culture and the image they want to project.  Women tend to pick music based on emotions.

For a high intensity work out, you’ll want to ramp up the BPMs… 168 plus.  What kind of song sits up there?  Try The White Stripe’s 193 BPM ripper… “Rag and Bone.”  SWA?  really? … really.

Karageorghis was on NPR Radio in the USA to talk about this and he dives into the science.

NPR: Maximizing your workout with the right tunes

My favourite part is when they “go the phones” and some hipster is like… “I jam out all these post-punk bands you’ve never heard of.”

and the doctor is like… yeah those are not good work out songs.

Go with yourself.

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