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Saturday, November 16th, Hollerado rolls back into Victoria for a Zone Show at Sugar Nightclub. The times will be good.  You can hear Hollerado LIVE on The Zone on Saturday at 3PM with Jon Williams. Neat.

In support of the show will be a group with a similar energy called PUP.

Originally they were called Topanga…. wait what?  Topanga was that character from Boy Meets World who is now all grow’d up!  Disney is firing the franchise back up with a new series called Girl Meets World…and PUP will have non-of-it!  Shitty sitcoms from the 90s = cool.  Modern shitty sitcoms = not cool.  Now we’re clear.  In a statement they said:

“Two years ago, when we originally decided to name ourselves Topanga, we thought it was great – she was our first middle-school crush, and it felt cool and nostalgic. But as many of you probably know, Disney has decided to re-launch this Boy Meets World / Girl Meets World, whatever-the-fuck-the-show-is-called-now series. We really don’t want to associate ourselves with Disney – I’m sure you can all understand that,” they continued, later adding “Fuck Disney, and fuck Topanga. WE ARE PUP. Let’s do this.”

This dude does not abide.

Fuck Disney?   How punk rock…. hey its 2013, Rage Against the Machine where you can.  Let’s forget the politics and focus on the tunes.  I am liking this song called “Lionheart.”  This song is bratty pop-punk jammer that will make fans of Hollerado feel good for sure.  I wish I had the night free to get my boogy on at their show.  I’d wear my Micky Mouse shirt.  whoa… culture jammer!

Go with yourself!

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