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Bear Mountain
That’s a wrap on another glorious Rifflandia.

We shared some times, laid some high-fives and huddled under some umbrellas.

Saturday night took me out to Metchosin to DJ a wedding.  It was mostly a good night except I battled with some technical problems which threatened to take the whole night sideways.  I was stressed.  Sweating, the bad sweats…but fortunately the bride was gracious and the temperamental beast DJ controller settled down after a reset.

I wanted so badly to race back into Victoria to catch Bear Mountain.  Before Saturday I was hitting below the Mendoza Line for Night shows I wanted to see.  Saturday threatened to be another wash with me out working in Metchosin.  But then the rock & roll gods took over.

The wedding had a hard 12 midnight curfew and the families of the bride and groom went into clean beast-mode.  The bride’s father even helped me tear down.  they were so wonderfully efficient that the whole party was cleaned up and the lights turned off by 12:15AM!

hmm…I can get downtown in time for Bear Mountain.  I ride!

It didn’t take long for the Purple Minivan to saddle up to a parking spot right out front of the Copper Owl.  Only, there was a problem.  The Copper Owl was lined up out the door. FUCK!

In line I got a text from Razer saying that he heard that Bear Mountain were going to do an after party at Studio CMCT.  The dude in line with me said that Studio CMCT was a cross the parking lot AND some jovial band was in there right now….but go quick, it is also PACKED!

Thanks bro… I ride!

Not far, across the parking lot to Discovery Street and Studio CMCT is indeed packed.  I can’t see the band but I overhear from a couple bumbling down the road that it is Towers and Trees.  Amazing, I’ll join this party.

Drummer Jesse of Towers and Trees also shops at Urban Outfitters.

Drummer Jesse of Towers and Trees also shops at Urban Outfitters.

Adrian and his band of merry men (and women) rocked a glorious and uplifting set.  The word is that they’ll be the next thing outta Victoria and this party proved it.

The room was packed.  Hot, sweaty, swirling, dripping.  It was a raw punk rock concert moment from an uplifting band known more for their West Coast-Current Swell-tinged popular rock.  What a time,

Adrian took some time to work his way across the mass of party people to the back with his ukulele…got the room to go quiet and changed the whole dynamic.  Everyone was quiet.  Things settled, until Adrian worked his way back to the front and the band finished strong launching into their local hit “Montreal.”  The room went sub-atomic!

Their set ended, Colin McT at Studio CMCT cleared the room and quickly got to work.  His crew snapped into action.  A quick sweep, cables, line tests, feedback, power. No time to put a roll of toilet paper by the one toilet in the back corner because it is showtime.

Bear Mountain crossed the parking lot and got right to work (again).  Their set started near 2:15 AM and they had little time to waste.  For 45 minutes the band named for a posh suburb of Victoria and now based out of Vancouver punched through their EP XO (Last gang Records).  The set included most the songs from the EP including popular jams “Two Step” and “Congo.”  The party turned savaged with the capacity space dancing and jumping then launching into claps and back into a room of jumping kids.

I think at some point lead singer Ian Bevis had us singing Tear for Fears “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”  Maybe I dreamed it?

After the show the, the L’Authentique Poutine & Burger was weirdly still open.  I got in line and scored a mega post show poutine.

I got home on a rock & roll high that I have not been on in many years.

Rifflandia exceeded my expectation this year. I hung out with quality people, having the best of times.  I am amped on Riff 7 in 2014!  And if you’re reading this blog for points beyond the best Island… you’d be wise to schedule you’re holiday in Victoria for the middle of September.

Go with yourself.

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