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Propaganda 2

A couple more songs heard in a coffee shop for you.

Selecting the right vibe for your business’ playlist can be a challenge. No doubt. My general rule (other than “play the hits”) is…go to a place you love, or you wish your business was, listen, Shazam everything, and go from there.

Once you have the bones, filling in the blanks is work but you can do it. Always be open to adding and subtracting. It’s a living thing.

Likewise, if you’re in a business, and the music turns you off, don’t do that. Easy. Kinda.

Today a couple songs caught my ear while sipping a latte in Propaganda.

Treasureseason. London electro. Female vocals, video game beats. Pretty.

Their soundcloud had a bunch of songs. I liked this cover of “Mad World.”


Some weirdo indie group from Belgium called Hoquets… “a shock, a sudden interruption.” Good word.

Couldn’t find a ton on this group. The song was called “Chaud Boulet.” Here is an electro-pop remix which punches it up a bit.

Go with yourself.

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