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Coral and I just got back from our holiday to Kelowna and the Shuswap.  Waiting for me in my email inbox was this most excellent highlight from the website, Texts From Last Night:

(601): Here’s my recipe for happiness. Go get a pen. 1. smoke a bowl 2. put on explosions in the sky 3. take a bath. Do this for about 1 hour or until all your problems go away.

That is nice… maybe less nice (but I watched the trailer anyways) while trolling TFLN, I came across the website for the movie I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.  I wonder if a Tucker Max movie is really necessary for modern society?  ahhh, who am I kidding, of course it is.

The big story ’round these parts (aside form Coral’s recent fascination with old Felicity episodes) is that… Coral was laid off at the government. boooo

There is hope that she might get placed in another department before December 1st.  Thou, to be honest we’re not sure what would be better?  Working for the government is a pretty cherry gig.  Coral makes a good wage and the work is well suited for a mother…. however the job contributes to a lull in Coral’s energy to seek what she wants in life.  The layoff might be the necessary to put her on track to go out and get her dreams.

Coral and I were sitting on the deck of her father and future step-mother’s house in Westbank over looking Lake Okanagan and thinking that one day we’d like to live on a lake and have an out door kitchen and I’d cook and grill food for us all day.  I’d have a rack filled with different woods for their smoke properties to infuse into the foods.  And we’d have a boat, Coral wants one of those ski boats with the speakers that shoot overtop where you attach the toe rope and have your wake boards mounted.  As comfortable as our life is now, that fantasy can never happen.  But it COULD happen… it does seem to happen for other people.

The one major wrench it has thrown into our plans is that we were thinking about having another baby and that will have to be shelved for a bit as we decide how we’re going to live.  I am also going to have to find some really steady additional work and/or step up the launch my mobile disco business.

I am confident that we’ll be able to work something out, until then we’ll keep trolling MLS for that perfect ocean/lake front and buying lotto 6/49.


I’d like to end this blog post talking about the band Oasis.  I saw on Mike Devlin’s facebook a link to an article that published the results of an international poll asking modern rockers, what the best song of all time is.  The answer, Oasis’ “Live Forever.”


Its a good song, but the BEST song ever?  for shame.

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