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the wombats

Back from a holiday to Disneyland with my family. The weather in Southern California was perfect. It’s a bizarre feeling to leave winter in Vancouver, fly two hours and step out into summer.

My current favourite song right now is from Liverpool’s The Wombats. They’ve had a few jammers over the years that have worked their way into my brain and the latest single, “Turn” is no different.

The Wombats’ fourth long player is called Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life and it comes out on February 9th.

“‘Turn’ was written in New York and is probably the most electronic song on the album,” frontman Matthew “Murph” Murphy shared. “Which is weird as I was pushing for the album to be more organic and less synth driven. ‘Turn’ was…kind of a beautiful mistake.”

The band was JUST in Vancouver and I missed it because I was not in Vancouver. Next time I guess.


Like I said, we just got back from Disneyland. It was a sublime trip with all the kids. It was also my wife Coral’s 35th birthday. And her Mom and sister Alyx joined us.

if you wanna get personal in our music blogging relationship…here’s a short video of our adventures in the Magic Kingdom.


When I am not bringing you guys sick tunes on this here music blog, I am also a radio presenter on CFOX in Vancouver.

Part of the job entails listening to people whine about music. We all have a take right? It’s the one thing I hate about the job. To me the radio is supposed to be a celebration of music.

I posted that other day. I think it all the time. Coral was telling me some self-quiz thing I wrote on Facebook back in 2009 showed up on her feed so I went back and read it.
#18 on the mini-bio: I hate when people complain about music. If you start a sentence with me that begins with, “I hate that (or this) song,” then I am sad. I am far more interested in which song(s) you love.

Righteous.  Still true.

Go with yourself.

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Ruth from Minnesota didn’t send ME this song…she just posted about it on her twitter.

I could see of the fine folks I work with at Match loving this jam on Friday night. I better download it.

The artist is DROELOE and the song is “Sunburn.”

Michael sent this one over to the old music blog. Louis Futon.

hey dude, thought you’d dig this since futon runs in the same crew as kasbo.” I do loves me Kasbo.

That’s all I got. Happy 60th birthday to my Mom!

Me and my mommy.

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Mom 1974. #Alpha #Burnaby #tbt #goaardvarks #nofilter

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Visits with Grandma and Sophia. // @carbaker1157 @principessapink

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Uncle CJ and grandma taking Charlotte to jump in a puddle. #lazysunday

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Go with yourself.

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no liars

Victoria punk No Liars will release their first full-length album in early 2018. The record will be called The Cause & The Cure. The album was recorded by Jesse Gander of Rain City Recorders (Japandroids, White Lung,) and mastered by Joao Carvalho (Alexisonfire, Arkells, Silverstein, Protest the Hero). OK, resumes check out….lets have a listen.

Noah Edwards talks about the music video;  “‘Animal’ is about struggling with inner turmoil and recognizing the darkest parts of ourselves.  We wanted the video to portray the terror of losing touch with reality when facing one’s inner demons.”


Long weekend was fun times!

My daughter spent her time out in Langley with Nana… that left Coral and I with the boys. Saturday we did a tourist day downtown.

#Tourism: Vancouver offers travellers both outstanding opportunities for outdoor adventure and the sophisticated amenities of a world-class city. Take advantage of the city's oceanside location, with plenty of green space and many recreation opportunities in the mountains 20 minutes north of downtown. After a busy day, linger over a glass of BC wine and a locally inspired meal, or unwind at one of Vancouver's unique spas. While this sea-level port city is known for its temperate climate, the surrounding snow-covered slopes are perfect for winter sports and breathtaking views of the city twinkling below. Vancouver is one of the few places in the world where it's possible to ski in the morning and sail in the afternoon.

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Slurping noodles with one of my boys. 🍜 #ramen

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On Sunday, me and Madelyn went for a walk in the POURING rain at Campbell Valley Park. Real nice park…would go for a easy hike around there again for sure.

Rained a little bit today. #Langley #campbellvalleypark

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Monday night… Nana came to watch the kids so Coral and I could go out. Checked out some stand up comedy at the Starlight Casino with Alex Carr and Meredith.

Beer and cheesecake because I love myself.

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Go with yourself.

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Maryse sent over the new song from her vocal-electronic duo Seaborne. The song is called “Hypnotise.”

Seaborne had been based out of Vancouver but they have taken their act to Montreal.

Maryse broke down the meaning of the song.

“The single recognizes the unique infatuation experienced when seeing an artist you love perform. As an audience member, you feel such an entrancing connection that you’re almost persuaded the performer sees you and feels it too…while also being aware that you’re lost in an equally hypnotized crowd.”

Very cool song.


I was yapping on my show the other day about making another catch and i wanted to share it with you…intrepid music blog reader.

Dad of the Year / Poor parenting play of the day.
Fell asleep on the couch with Elliot last night after DJing…startled awake at the sensation of him falling off me and I Lightening McQueen reached out and caught him. Baby barely woke up.


It was Canadian Thanksgiving last week. If you were celebrating I hope you had a great moment with your friends and family. I enjoyed my weekend my wife Coral and our kids. We took baby Elliot on his first hike! And Jack and Maddy made it all the way to the waterfall.

Had so much fun doing the Lower Falls trail last weekend, I did it again.

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Go with yourself.

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To quote the poet Aaron Lewis, “It’s been while….”

Hey intrepid music blog reads… I’ve been away on summer vacation for the past couple weeks. But I’m back today and jamming out tunes.

Today is my first day back at CFOX and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to hang out with New Orleans band, The Revivalists.

The Revivalists have be come hugely successful off their 2015 song “Wish I Knew You.”

The song comes from their third album, Men Amongst Mountains. The song’s rise is a story of patience as it seemed to percolate for quite awhile before exploding on mainstream rock radio. The song is now a alternative rock #1 single and exposing the band to a whole new audience.

The Revivalists were in Vancouver last night to perform at the Vancouver Folk Festival. Before hopping hopping on a plane to Los Angeles to appear on Jimmy Kimmel, the band found their way to the World Famous CFOX to record their song “Wish I Knew You” in our Ugly Grey Box Studio.

After the performance I had a moment to chat with David Shaw about the song. I asked him why he thinks it has resonated so deeply with so many people.

David also shared the origin story of the band. A story that involves a shirtless man, playing guitar on his porch in New Orleans one day, a whole bunch of years ago.


Got up to so many adventures during my two week holiday. Maybe you follow me on Instagram and you were able to play along. If not… here’s a few highlights.


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Not terrible.

OK, gotta grind through the over 1,400 emails I got. I get more emails from bands wanting feature on this blog than I do hits.  So that’s a thing.

Happy Monday!

Go with yourself.

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Back from Las Vegas….I checked my email…there were too many. I swear I get more emails from bands wanting to be featured on this music blog than I do hits of people checking out the tunes. One email did catch my eye this morning. New music from The Head and the Heart.

Let’s be Still is one of my favourites. So many wonderful memories listening to this album on road trips with my Coral and Madelyn and even Jack when he was just a little baby.

New album is called Signs of Light and is out on September 9th. The first feature is called “All We Ever Knew.” If you’re a fan of the band, you’ll easily be able to tuck into this familiar sounding THATH cut.

The band is playing a bunch of folk tests this summer…but sadly not the Vancouver one.

August 7th they’ll be in Edmonton? Damn, just before my summer holidays. Might have almost been worth a trip to visit my wife’s family.


Buckets. 🌴🏊🏻🍺 #PeachesGotRobbed #DayBeats

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Coral and I are back in Vancouver after a fun and action filled 4-ish plus days in Las Vegas. We stayed at the Flamingo which we love (most the time). This time we made the mistake of letting the front desk guy “upgrade” us to a deluxe “Go Room” for ONLY $20 a night. And that room put us above Drai’s outdoor pool night club thing. So that didn’t really feel like an upgrade when it was bed time. Other than that little hiccup Vegas was it’s Vegassy self.

Drinking "Coral Crush" outside @beerparklv. 🌴

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Lots of expensive slushy booze cocktails, pool action ($240 US tabs in beers and cocktails…oh boy), beers (beer lists are starting to improve), cocktails, and some mighty fine dinners.

They loved smashing their top 40 EDM in Las Vegas. We wake up to Day Beats in the Go Pool, and went to bed with them smashing at 3AM from Drai’s. I enjoyed hearing other people DJ for a change and heard a few nice remixes I’ll want to add to the set at the casino I DJ at in New West.

We didn’t go to any nightclubs ourselves…we kinda stuck to diners, wanderings and cocktail bars. Loved hitting downtown Vegas to get away from those Lucas Graham edm remixes.

What is going on here?

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Cocktails on the patio at Park on Fremont.

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The patio at Park on Fremont was everything those listicles on Thrillist said it would be. Funky, good tunes, good cocktails/price, and excellent mac & cheese balls. The jalapeño fried up in there was nice.

Park played music like this.

Commonwealth was cool too…but I preferred the cocktails in Park or The Griffin.

They apparently have a beauty rooftop patio but it was not open when Coral and I stumbled by…I guess we’ll have to go back.

Lunch. @beerparklv

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On the Strip we went to Beer Park at Paris. They played a modern rock playlist that sounded like something I’d jam on CFOX. Alright, Budweiser inspired “craft” beer list…if that makes sense? Food was delicious, patio was ace and hey…right on the Strip.

We were crushed when on the last night we wanted to eat at Dos Caminos in Palazzo and discovered it was closed. That was the restaurant where we had our wedding reception. But they’ve changed up their offerings. We were gunna settle for a skirt steak at Border Grill in Caesars…and I don’t care what people tell you…things DO close in Las Vegas. Huh. Ended up at Carmines for a GIANT plate of spaghetti. Like GIANT.

We rode a rollercoaster!

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And we totally rode a roller coaster!

Coral spent a lot of time on this trip dreaming up the next one! Maybe I need to track down a DJ gig in Vegas. They sure have a lot of them playing music all over the place. Make it a work/fact finding mission.

Go with yourself.

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flowery wall

Canadians are amped on the census this year. So many Canadian are filling it out, it actually crashed the government website!

I wanted in on the fun, so I filled mine out.

Go with yourself.

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