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My 7-year old daughter offers her insights on the 1983 classic Van Halen party jock jam.

Go with yourself.

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Spin 45s jams out some recent finds from Talk’s Cheap Record store on Pandora Street in historic Victoria, British Columbia.

I love the old 80s alt. rock, so the XTC was a good find… even if it has a skip on it. sad panda face.

Arctic Monkeys add something a little more contemporary to the mix before sliding into arena rock and Van Halen‘s anthem, “Jump.” The owner of Talk’s Cheap gave me this 45 for free! Said no would buy it anyways. It had a sticker price of $3!

The show ends with some local Victoria music. First a band still pressing vinyl, The Laudronauts. “hard Water” comes on a rad white vinyl platter.

The last song is a classic bit of Victorian modern rock history… 1996’s Santo. On green vinyl! Nice. Thank you Jess!

Have a Listen: Spin 45s >> One Two Three Four Five

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my selections.

Go with yourself.

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