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“He asked me not to go so fast!” wails Brittany Howard, lead singer of Georgia’s Alabama Shakes.  When I first dropped the needle on the “Heavy Chevy” 45, I thought maybe I hit 78… the song is classic sounding rave-up that spins fast.

Alabama Shakes – “Heavy Chevy”

Flipping the record over reveals not one, but TWO b-sides.

Alabama Shakes – “Pocket Change”

“Pocket Change” slows it down… sounds like a cover to me, but that is because the whole Alabama Shakes schtick is retro…so I never know when they’re playing an original or covering some forgotten or classic 60s jam.

Alabama Shakes – “Mama”

We turn the energy back up for “Mama.”  I love the guitar tones off the top of this song.

This 45 showed up at the Zone today so I thought I’d share the sounds with you.

Go with yourself.

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Messing around with 45s I tracked down today, I wanted to share with you.

I am sure if I keep jamming out 45s and records as my collection grows, I’ll come up with a craftier name, but for now I present, PLAYING 45s! nice.

I just finished reading Tommy James‘ biography ‘Me, The Mob, and The Music‘ and became inspired to try and collect some of these 45s that Tommy talks about in his book.

In Victoria, there is a little used record store called Turntable in Fan Tan Alley. I didn’t think he’d actually have any original Roulette 45s… but sure enough he had a few (and said he might have more in storage) so I snapped what i could afford and brought them back to the radio station to record and share with you.

The dude also threw in a record from a label called Coral… b/c my wife’s name is Coral and I liked the label, turns out, this is a pretty romantic early 50s song too.

I hope you enjoy and thank you for taking the time to listen.

CLICK TO LISTEN: Playing 45s // Tommy James and Teresa Brewer


Now I’ll need like a collector album or 45 box for my budding collection of 45s!  The guy has some at Turntable but doesn’t sell.  eBay has some for alright prices… but I hate ordering stuff off eBay, I’d rather track something down in Victoria if I can and pay cash for product.  So if you have one or know of one for sale, let me know.

Go with yourself.

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