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Pitchfork shared a song by the Boston band Vundabar today and it is a beauty.

The song is part of their upcoming third album, Smell Smoke.

Pitchfork says, “the song’s imagery was inspired by (Frontman Brandon Hagen) experiences juggling his work as a caretaker for a loved one with the band’s relentless touring.”

The song reminds me of 80s college rock/alt rock in all the best ways. And I loves me classic alternative sounds.


How was Halloween for you? My kids crushed it. Personally I wish I was a bit more present…been sick and busy with work and the new baby and the general stresses of life. But my wife and I rallied and the kids had a great time and collected tons of candy!

My wife Coral thought it would be hilarious for me to dress up like Elliott form ET and then have the baby be ET. Here we are.

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Nailed it. #Halloween #ET #Elliott

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Go with yourself.

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