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Happy Monday! Rockers Dreamers have a song out called “Painkillers.”  I was digging the straight-forward guitar driven pop rock so checked out their latest album, This Album Does Not Exist. So far, so good.

The boys are from all over the US and now are based out of Brooklyn (or maybe Los Angeles… I dunno)… their album came out last year. I love the guitar pop rock vibes. Their style reminds me of WATERS.


D’aww, this popped up on my wife’s timehop. December 2007 pregnant with our first child. We lived in this tiny but very trendy and modern apartment on Yates Street in downtown Victoria.

I’m such a lucky dog!

Go with yourself.

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Mystic Beach

Perfect Monday morning to hop a ferry over to Vancouver from the Island. Had an adventure filled time with Coral and the kids. We took a drive on Saturday out to Mystic Beach. April gives us perfect hiking weather in the Pacific North-West. Sunny, warm, but not hot.

Riding the bus to the skytrain I put up an old playlist. I used to make these mixes last summer called “Alternative to What?” Generally a mix of modern rocking, on the margins of mainstream, fun lists.

As the weather turns, I better get back into the habit of restocking the sonic cupboard with brighter tunes (and come to think of it…the Honda CRV’s infotainment thing is glitching and not reading our phones. I’ll have to fix that if we plan on road tripping).

Here is an older song, but a track that is getting some love on commercial modern rock in the US right now.

The LA based duo is called In The Valley Below. Echo Park, that’s LA right?

Folky, chill, but with a beat and pretty female vocals ping-ponging off a lazy southern Gentleman drawl.  The band is currently hustling. Playing radio festivals with other radio chart heatseekers. Like Waters? Nice. I like those guys too.


Finally…let’s talk about this bratty pop-punker… Unwed Teenage Mothers. From the Southern US. What is MS?  Mississippi? Maybe they’re from North Carolina?

Go with yourself.

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I do love San Francisco’s Waters. The band blends a 90s alternative sound with modern pop-rock production. They feel a little like Grouplove, but I pull a little more Kurt Cobain out of it compared to what passes for radio modern rock right now.

Waters shares another cut from their upcoming April 7th Vagrant release, What’s Real.

Have a great weekend! My family is coming to Vancouver this weekend to have a city Family Day long weekend. IO hope you find an adventure.

Go with yourself.

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Happy Friday music blog reading gangster. Wrapping my first week in Vancouver on CFOX. After the show I am racing to the ferry to get home to my babies and baby.

I’ll post one last one this week and get back to you probably on Monday.

San Francisco’s Waters did a cover of the Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight Tonight.”

Growing up I used to love the Smashing Pumpkins. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness came out when I was 15. I rocked that double album hard. Plus we were living in the era of music videos on the actual TV. The Pumpkins had more than one Much Mega Hit off that disc including the journey to the moon video for this cut.

The San Fran band Waters does a noble job of plugging into that 90s alt-rock vibe that I still like to hear. Their singles (and ep in general) are favourites on my playlists at home. I won’t be able to make the trip to Seattle for their February 10th show. Maybe one day they’ll venture further north or play the Emerald City on a weekend that works for me.

And since we’re loving the cover songs…. we’ll go a back a few months. Waters covering the Cranberries.

Happy Friday! Thank you for reading and sending emails and generally being a groovy music loving person.

Go with yourself.

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San Francisco’s Waters signed to Vagrant Records the other day and announced a new EP for October 14th.

We first got involved with the California alt-rockers when we heard “Got To My Head.” (the title for the ep, It All Might Be OK, is a line from that cut).

 GTMH is a fun modern rocker and a song that hooked me in when I first heard it.

The new feature cut I”I Feel Everything” picks up where we left off. Big sounding alternative crunch.

Lead singer Van Pierszalwoski talks about wanting to put a little more rock back into alternative rock.

“This song came about after listening to alternative rock radio for the first time in ages and recognizing the lack of anything alternative or rock about it. Where are those dirty guitars? Where is that frenetic energy? Where are the songs that made us want to start a band in the first place? Most days don’t feel like they’re going to be the best days of your life. Most days are kind of fucked up. And it’s nice to have a sanctuary for those days, and for us—that’s always been rock and roll. ‘I Feel Everything’ is our rally call to get that back.”

Whoa…if this were TMZ we’d all go… “whoooooaaaaaa, Van is throwing shade at American Authors!!!!”

Most days ARE fucked up and Van screams at us to make it all feel better. The drums are going to pound and guitar riffs will cascade around you. The song reminds me of 80s alternative while at the same time utilizing the polish you’d hear on a modern 2014 recording. Here we go.

Waters are on tour…no show out west near us….but Toronto friends can see them on October 24th at the Opera House…and the next night in Montreal at the Cabaret Mile-End.

Go with yourself.

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My friend Alix was cleaning out some old records the other day and asked if I’d make a good home for them. She has a good taste in tunes so I said, “ok.”

One of the records she dropped off yesterday, Explosions in the Sky‘s The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place.

A beautiful record.


I want to shout out to all the free radicals that check out the blog, “heart” some of the songs on Hype Machine, or throw me a “like” on Facebook.

I read this study on Nat Geo about how success breeds success… and those first few likes or attention can snowball to greater attention. The article might be worth your time if you’re in a band or any sort of attention industry.


Still loving Waters.


My man Pol was saying that Courtney Barnett was pretty choice on Jimmy Fallon last night. You should watch that.


Lastly, The New Arcades remixed Kyla La Grange’s “The Knife.”

There we go….

Go with yourself.

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I have a minor obsession with Junior Prom‘s “Shelia Put The Knife Down.”  I heard it the other day on Alt. Nation.  At first I laughed and said to my wife, “this is silly.”

And then I was singing it all weekend.


The band is called Waters and they’re from San Francisco (land of the dark wizards!). They have a hot jingle called “Got to My Head.” Song is nice, but I really dig this Geographers remix. You might too.

Go with yourself.

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