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What do you think about Wildlife?

Have a listen to this….

What do you think of the song?  Wildlife are a group from Toronto. It gaining in on the Canadian charts .


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Greeting fellow music friend… today we explore a song off a concept album! (don’t roll your eyes at me son…its a fun concept!)

The band from Toronto is called Wildlife.  These five Ontario friends set out on their up-coming record, Of The Heart (February 26, Wax Records), to explore the conditions of the heart.  They say;

“This new record is about the engine that drives us and carries us along that road…it is a love letter, an essay on the HEART: everything it does for us, to us, how it hurts us, helps and keeps us going. We put our hearts into making this thing, completely, with all the violence and romance we could muster.

Recording happened with Peter Katis (Interpol, The National), and Gus Van Go and Werner F (Hollerado, The Stills).  Alright, your resume checks out…. let’s have a listen.

Nice, big, full, anthemic sound.

Go with yourself.

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