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Andrew Stockdale made a name for himself fronting Australian riff-rockers Wolfmother.  Now he creates music under his own name, moved to Byron Bay, and records songs in his shed.

On the press release for the record, Stockdale talks about dropping the Wolfmother tag, “It was a name, a brand everyone knows. But I don’t feel comfortable playing as Wolfmother (…) When you write a song, what’s on your mind comes out, what’s in your heart and soul comes out. It’s about your life experiences. I’ve been getting stuff off my chest, expressing ideas and experiences that are personal to me and I don’t want to keep then applying that to the Wolfmother name. I had pressure on my shoulders.”

New record is called Keep Moving and its out in Canada on July 2nd.

Let’s listen to side one, track one, “Long Way To Go.”

Go with yourself.

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