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Man, look at that robot trying to laser gun those wild horses.  That just isn’t right at all.  at all.

Even that rainbow doesn’t lighten mood.  Not one bit.

This record cover that tells the tale of woe for these poor horses is from the Toronto electronic band Woodhands. What they have against the horses (or maybe for laser shooting robots) I don’t know, but I downloaded some songs they other day and they sound alright.

I downloaded a song called “Dissasembler.”


My computer world is a little rattled right now.  Coral and I went out to buy a new Macbook on Friday because the Toshiba is right screwed up and it died just before my DJ set.

I got the Macbook mostly ready for my DJ sets, need to still organize my playlists and the like.  And its a bit of a learning curve and awkward for me.  I have always been on a Microsoft PC so I’ll need to practice I guess.  And our internet at home has been weird.  The Mac doesn’t seem to be jiving on our WIFI.  When I get the Toshiba reformatted, I’ll be able to see if its a router or Mac thing.

One thing I am excited to do, is make podcasts from home!  The Mac comes with Garageband which is a program that allows me to record and edit audio.  fun.  I’ll just need a mic for home as the stock one in the Macbook sounds like suck.

OK good talk, Go with yourself.

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