Michael sent over this track to check out from LA singer Billie Eilish. The song is called “Watch” and it was remixed by Xie. Xie doesn’t say much but does say this, “If u don’t know who Billie Eilish is yet, u will. So fun remixing this insanely talented artist!

Very chill. I like.


How many sleeps till Christmas now? 4? Sure. My kids are losing their minds. I am like… just right on the goal line for Christmas shopping. Just gotta punch it in. Tonight maybe?

I am never really done.  There is almost something a little more to add or one more person I want to buy for. Ahh, that’s a good problem to have.|

It did snow here yesterday. That was a thing. Got home from work and had to stay out there shoveling. Today I was salting!

Grandma and Grandpa spoiling the kids with Rudolph Rootbeer Floats! I WANT ONE TOO!

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Go with yourself.


Hunter in Denver sent over a couple songs to check out.

I’ll start with this cover of Nirvana’s signature jam “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Autograf. The group teamed up with Queen Sessi for the vocal.

Autograf will be on tour in 2018 and have a few show sin the Pacific Northwest.

2.15 Portland | Star Theater
2.16 Seattle | Neumos
2.17 Vancouver | Imperial
2.18 Bellingham | Wild Buffalo


The other song he sent over is a future remix of The Chainsmokers by k?d.


Took my son Jack to his first Canucks game last Sunday. The Canucks got completely destroyed, 6-1 by the Calgary Flames.

Merry Christmas!

Go with yourself.



instagram.com/sspu 📷: Citizen Kane Wayne

I don’t know how I went down a Silversun Pickups rabbit hole the other day, but the song “latchkey Kids” from their 2016 record Better Nature came up and it reminded how much I love that song. So then I saw they put a remix/acoustic ep maybe 6 months ago, and there is “Latchkey Kids” remixed by modern rocker Joywave. OK then!


My wife took the kids to the mall to see Santa the other day. The oldest, Madelyn is a veteran, but the younger two had a time. jack is almost 4 and is JAZZED on all things Christmas and presents. Coral said he was bouncing on the way and in line to see him. But when the big moment came, he just froze up and was very shy. Overwhelmed with emotion maybe? I feel you little guy. The baby/, well he just babied.

Merry Christmas! What are we, 11 days and counting?
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Pitchfork released their Top Rock Records of 2017…. different spin from years past but as the website continues to diversify from their indie rock leaning beginnings into all sort of genres, it’s kinda nice having an easier to digest list.

Top of the Pops for Pitchfork was London guy King Krule and his record The Ooz.

The song they selected to check out off the record is called “Dum Surfer.”


Did one of those Instagram top 9s of 2017. Thank you for the love on instagram.

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I’ll start with Ruth from Minnesota’s pick… Kailee Morgue and her song “Discovery.”

Then I got a song from Michael. He sent over Kasbo‘s new single because he knows I’m a fan boy that would blog it.

And because you’re a friend of the blog you’ll hit my post about the silly dumb Christmas song me and Mer made. Yeah.


Here’s a pic of my two youngest that my wife texted me yesterday while I doing my radio show. Look at these gremlins!

Go with yourself.

Christmas first christmas

Some diabolical arch-Christmas mad scientists studied over 200 Christmas songs to try and find out what would make the perfect Christmas song.

A musicologist from Boston Conservatory at Berkley, USA found that the perfect Christmas song would say the word “Christmas” 21 times. Just hearing the word Christmas evokes feelings of happiness in many people.  The song should be about 3 minutes long and feature sleigh bells.

Other themes the song should tackles include, love, joy, peace, and Santa. Put that song in a major key and float it around 115 bpms and you are cashing royalty cheques.

Meredith and I decided to get into the lucrative Christmas carol trade with our own Christmas song. Have a listen.

Don’t be shy, if you LOVE it…be sure to share it with all the special people in your life.

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Happy Monday! Rockers Dreamers have a song out called “Painkillers.”  I was digging the straight-forward guitar driven pop rock so checked out their latest album, This Album Does Not Exist. So far, so good.

The boys are from all over the US and now are based out of Brooklyn (or maybe Los Angeles… I dunno)… their album came out last year. I love the guitar pop rock vibes. Their style reminds me of WATERS.


D’aww, this popped up on my wife’s timehop. December 2007 pregnant with our first child. We lived in this tiny but very trendy and modern apartment on Yates Street in downtown Victoria.

@jesuiscoral auditioning for Teen Mom. Christmas 2007.

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I’m such a lucky dog!

Go with yourself.