I was meowing on the radio about the lack of Family Day festivities and traditions so Meredith wrote me a traditional Family Day hymn to sing with my Family on Monday.

Go with yourself.


Charley Crockett loves in Austin, Texas and jams out that modern vintage sounding old school R&B.

I was watching this Wired video on a vinyl pressing robot and loved the sound of the record they use off the top.

Quick Shazam, internet search, and here we are.

That’s a cool record. My wife and I sometimes talk about opening up a little bar. My bar will be like how this record sounds.

or maybe it’ll be like Led Zeppelin into a Tesla song. Still working on it.

Go with yourself.


LA producer Gryffin rarely misses the mark with his remixes, and his new official remix of Snakehips & Mo jammer “Don’t Leave” is no exception.

the PR describes it: For his “Don’t Leave” remix, the dance wizard structures a powerful yet dynamic arrangement around MØ’s impassioned verses to amplify the raw emotion in her voice before introducing a reimagined drop of clamoring tech-inspired synths and pumping bass.


Finally hung the punching bag up in the garage of my parents place. I’ve dragging my daughter down to the “Coquitlam Fight Club” to smash out a few on the heavy.

My training for Beer Wars 2 has been delayed. I went on a little holiday for week one, then been sick the past couple. But feeling better and getting excited to throw some punches.

I bought these #BCIT sweatpants in 2003 and they still fit! #Dadbod #CoquitlamFightClub #BeerWars2 @bcbeerwars

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Go with yourself.


It’s been awhile since we’ve hit play on a song from Eighty Ninety.

The boys from New York that bang out delicate chill indie on “808s and telecasters” put out a ep last fall called Elizabeth. The 3 songer features the MAS blogged “Three Thirty,” plus the “Heart Breaker” and “Fading.”

They recorded a short live concert video where they show off the ep.

The music sounds pretty slick on the Spotify, but I prefer sharing this concert video as it adds little more depth to their modern lite-rock sound. Plus you’ll see those telecasters and 808s in action AND live drums.


We had a DUMP of snow in Vancouver on the weekend. We’re expecting some more today before it finally starts to warm back up. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Trekking with Madelyn earlier today.

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Go with yourself.


Sam Roberts Band is in Vancouver for a show tonight at The Orpheum. Before the show… Sam stopped by CFOX for a little chit-chat and I asked him, of the 6 Sam Roberts Band albums….which one is your favourite?

Go with yourself.


Incredible rock and roll news to start the week. Jimmy Eat World are hitting the road for a tour with Beach Slang.

April 26th at the Commodore!?! Heck yes.

Go with yourself


Vancouver indie roots-rockers The Matinée have a new record on February 17th called Dancing on Your Grave.

They shared another song off the record. The new one reminds me of Gaslight Anthem! It’s called “Blood Alley” and was produced by Jamie Candiloro. He produced stuff for Ryan Adams, REM and Courtney Love, in the 604 Studios facility. Yeah get that…I can hear the Ryan Adams in there too.


The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets have been banging out music since 1992! Their bio says “the band is known for their Lovecraft-inspired music and general nerdiness. Other albums include “Cthulhu Strikes Back,” “The Shadow Out of Tim” and “Spaceship Zero: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.”


They have a record out right now called The Dukes of Alhazred and a listeners texted CFOX to say we should listen to “Welcome to the Island.” What does this remind me of? Primus maybe? Butthole Surfers or even Meat Puppets?

Go with yourself.