Two Friends sent us their remix of Dua Lipa’s “IDGAF.” They say, “Proud to share our new remix we did for Dua Lipa’s ‘IDGAF,’ one of the swaggiest songs we’ve heard in a while.”


Hunter sent me Mickey Kojak’s cover of Daft Punk’s “Something About Us.”


What day is today? Wednesday? Happy Wednesday.

Swagged from @jesuiscoral’s Instagram because it’s such a great picture.

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Go with yourself.

I do need to blog some more eh? Getting lots of messages from folks wanting some songs on the information super-highway abnd I’m here to deliver…in a bit. But FIRST!

During the 90th Academy Awards, Sufjan Stevens performed his song, “Mystery of Love.” The song was nominated for Best Original Song for the film Call Me By Your Name….but to my ear, it didn’t sound all that original.

Shout outs to Producer Jello for mixing this down (believe it or not, my demo was worse) and Julie for the graphic.

also…today is Casimir Pulaski Day! Neat.


The Vancouver Whitecaps began their MLS season with a win against the Montreal Impact on Sunday. My wife Coral and I were there! And we brought the baby.


Downloaded a few decent remixes for the weekend’s DJing festivities. I liked this take on Camila Cabello’s Much Mega Hit, “Havana.”

And I’m gunna NEED to download this house remix of Alice Merton’s “No Roots.”

and this Khalid and Normani song is vibes.

That’s all I got for now. But I’ll make sure I keep on the blogging. or try to you. Moving this week…so we’ll see.

Happy Monday!

Go with yourself.


I saw this song trending on Hype Machine today liked the sunshiny vibes.

The artist is Chase McBride and the San Francisco musician’s new album Green Shade is out today.

The current single is called “The Color Blue” and features the vocals of Sean Hayes.

The song seems to have the vibes of wanting to jump into a new relationship and enjoying the process.

Earmilk had this quote.

I wrote the initial parts for this song while house sitting in Joshua Tree. I had a pared-down recording studio taking over a guest bedroom and was indulging myself by experimenting with electric guitar tones and staring out onto an empty portion of the desert. I was listening to a lot of JJ Cale at the time and speaking with a friend of mine who was struggling with a new relationship, continuously getting ahead of himself and projecting too far into the future. It was a reminder for me to enjoy the present moment, and resist attaching myself to my own expectations. The chorus lyrics reflect that sentiment, ‘I don’t want to move too slow, if this is touch and go, I want to feel it too’. It’s about truly living in a moment–taking life, relationships, or whatever else is happening one step at a time.” – Chase McBride

Go with yourself.


The boys in Eighty Ninety are having a good week. Their song “Your Favorite Song” was recently featured on Taylor Swift’s Spotify playlist…. exposing the band to a whole new sea of music fans. And they have a remix of the song by Loote to share with music blog.

Such a pretty song. But then, crafting pretty songs is what these NYC bros do.


This weekend is a long weekend in British Columbia. it’s Family Day! The holiday is a government creation. We the people demanded one more holiday! And this is what they gave us.

The fairly new Government holiday to celebrate our families doesn’t have any traditional folk songs yet…so Mer tried her hand at crafting a couple.


and I’ll post one more. DJ primitive reposted this on his Soundcloud and I love the vibes.

Happy Friday!

Go with yourself.


It’s been awhile since I’ve featured the Dallas producer Medasin.

Post Malone is pretty hot right now, so why not send out a remix of his song “I Fall Apart.” Sometimes I hear these remixes and I prefer them to original. Post Malone has always traded on a dark pop and it isn’t like Medasin makes it a happy song, but he does infuse a little more energy into the song while still holding on to the dirgy future sounds.


I was thinking about Young Galaxy’s “Crying My Heart Out” today. I love this song so much.

Go with yourself.

justice skolnik

Last day of vacation before heading back to the grind and feeling a little bit sick. Murphy’s law right? Been sick the last couple days before going back to work. Our middle kid is sick too…so I can guess where I got it.

My man Hunter sent over this bright dance song. Justice Skolnik was on the blog the other day because of his imaginative remix of a Kanye West classic. The San Francisco producer topped the Hype Machine chaats with that song and also busted onto heavy rotation in my DJ sets.

I think he has another hit with this take on Madeon‘s 2014 beauty, “You’re On.”

He doesn’t stray too far from the original. To my ear he might be brightening up the song even more than the Adventure cut.


I saw that Aquilo will be at Sasquatch this year. I won’t be able to go (probably)….but I love them. They won’t be one of those rage festival sets (once again, probably, I don’t know what their live set it like). One of these days I’ll make a point to see them if they tour to Vancouver on a day that can work for me.



I ordered Trader Vic’s classic cocktail book the other day off Amazon. I like tiki drinks and sometimes think it would be fun to own or run or even just work at a tiki bar.

I’ll be banging out Mai Tai’s this summer up at Harrison I think.

Go with yourself.

the wombats

Back from a holiday to Disneyland with my family. The weather in Southern California was perfect. It’s a bizarre feeling to leave winter in Vancouver, fly two hours and step out into summer.

My current favourite song right now is from Liverpool’s The Wombats. They’ve had a few jammers over the years that have worked their way into my brain and the latest single, “Turn” is no different.

The Wombats’ fourth long player is called Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life and it comes out on February 9th.

“‘Turn’ was written in New York and is probably the most electronic song on the album,” frontman Matthew “Murph” Murphy shared. “Which is weird as I was pushing for the album to be more organic and less synth driven. ‘Turn’ was…kind of a beautiful mistake.”

The band was JUST in Vancouver and I missed it because I was not in Vancouver. Next time I guess.


Like I said, we just got back from Disneyland. It was a sublime trip with all the kids. It was also my wife Coral’s 35th birthday. And her Mom and sister Alyx joined us.

if you wanna get personal in our music blogging relationship…here’s a short video of our adventures in the Magic Kingdom.


When I am not bringing you guys sick tunes on this here music blog, I am also a radio presenter on CFOX in Vancouver.

Part of the job entails listening to people whine about music. We all have a take right? It’s the one thing I hate about the job. To me the radio is supposed to be a celebration of music.

I posted that other day. I think it all the time. Coral was telling me some self-quiz thing I wrote on Facebook back in 2009 showed up on her feed so I went back and read it.
#18 on the mini-bio: I hate when people complain about music. If you start a sentence with me that begins with, “I hate that (or this) song,” then I am sad. I am far more interested in which song(s) you love.

Righteous.  Still true.

Go with yourself.