Pham has a dark sound EDM jammer with Sober Rob and featuring the vocals of Madi. The song is called “Alibi.” Just a bay, 5 days old and a quarter million spins on Soundcloud.

Talking on Billboard; “The decision was to set the sounds in contrast. We found our common creative ground with (vocalist) Madi. In this example, the vocals became really light and instrumentation started to get gritty and hard hitting.

“We wanted to introduce something new, push the envelope amongst the wave of replicating sound aesthetics. To sum it up, what you’re about to hear is an otherworldly thing. An anthem, if you’d call it one.”

What I love about the information superhighway is that Pham is from Poland, he’s collaborating with a singer out of LA…and I’m blogging about this song from Vancouver.


also I have new music concept.


Oh this is really chill.

Go with yourself.


BJ Wilbanks channels that retro soul vibe.

The hype says, “authentic exploration of love and the pursuit of enlightenment has been referred to as “Back Porch Soul,” fusing the musical roots of Americana, Motown and Delta Blues into an intoxicating blend of Southern Rock.”

That’s cool BJ. Back Porch Soul from the man outta Georgia. Let’s hit play on a couple songs form his upcoming April 28th self-titled debut.

Go with yourself.

kill paris

“Oh are you tired? We’re ALL tired, we all lost an hour of sleep.” — Meredith Geddes on Daylight Savings time.

Happy Monday, let’s punch it up on a grey tired wet Monday in Vancouver after the horror that is Daylight Savings.

I’m not gunna bitch too hard about it…I like the later sunlight.

Kill Paris is from LA…big sounding EDM cut. He is clearly a WAY better DJ than me because my back to the audience promo pic would be to a small gaggle of folks, all of them asking if I have any Drake.


I stopped by my folks place the other day to track down a couple Canucks jerseys I had stored away, and look what I found?!? Did you used to rock a Starter Jacket for your favourite team?

The spirit of the 90s is alive in Coquitlam. #starterjacket #canucks #grizzlies 📷 @cwalks85

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Go with yourself.

unnamed (5)

“I’m hardly ever right, but I’ve never been wrong.”

The warm fuzz wraps around Beach Slang’s A Loud Bash of Teenage Feeling‘s “Spin The Dial.” The new music video has a timeless or vintage feel, but captures contemporary California urban beach vibes.

Life, I suppose, is about really getting alive, about getting after it. I hope this shakes that good feeling into you

Here’s the new music video.

Look out for Beach Slang in Vancouver on April 16 in support of Jimmy Eat World at the Commodore.


The Menzinger’s After The Party is such a great record. My favourite song drifts all over the place. Today it is “Midwestern States.”

The song makes me nostalgic for being broke but in love.

My wife and I don’t have stick and poke tattoos….but yeah, I still feel this.

Most nights we always fall asleep with something dumb on Netflix
Some nights trash reality or kids cartoons or shitty documentaries
Not perfect but we’re good together
Yeah, me, you, and our bad tattoos
Yeah, all our stick and pokes, all our inside jokes
We’ll regret them when we’re dead and sober
But we’re still breathing and the party ain’t over 

Huh…both bands are from Pennsylvania…I didn’t do that on purpose.

Happy Friday. Go with yourself.

mirror manor

Producer Tim Hancock is Mirror Manor. He sent over his remix of K. Flay’s “Blood in the Cut.” The original is a monster modern rock hit on radio…the remix glosses it up for a dancefloor….because the kids don’t dance to rock & roll.

Happy Friday! Go with yourself.

blu j safe

BLU J share their first original of 2017. For the song “Safe,” they teamed up with Matthew Chaim.  Apparently these guys have some sort of Vancouver connection? Their Facebook says San Fran/Vancouver….huh.


Finished watching Freaks and Geeks last night. Colour me new….but that was my first time checking it out.  Only one season in 1999? Criminal NBC, criminal.

Go with yourself.


Amped today to get an email from Young Galaxy. The Montreal indie group shared the spacey-disco jam “Stay For Real.”

Young Galaxy talks about the urgency behind the song; “We can no longer stand idly by and rely only on the people who shape the world for us culturally and politically. We must stay true to ourselves and feel the courage of our convictions in the face of polarizing political and personal views. But most of all, we must show empathy, compassion and love – even when faced with increasing existential threats, and fear and hostility. This song is a statement of intent, as we enter a new era, to hopefully serve as a reminder to ourselves of what our responsibilities are as artists in this troubled time.

Proceeds form the independent single will go to Plus One.

“We are proud to be able to partner with Plus One (www.plus1.org). Proceeds from the sale of the song will go to defending the rights of the marginalized through Pivot Legal Society (Canada), ACLU Nationwide (USA), and W.A.V.E (EU).”

Go with yourself.