Hey, we all mature at different rates. I finally got around to The Strumbellas “We Don’t Know” from their 2016 record Hope.

I guess sometimes you just hear certain songs at certain times in your life and you’re like, whoa.

Go with yourself.

war on drugs

The War On Drugs have a new record out on August 25th called A Deeper Understanding.

The Philly band’s album will be their first on Atlantic Records. The group took a collaborative approach putting this album together in New York City and LA. Look for The War on Drugs Monday night when they’r eon Stephen Colbert.

Go with yourself.


Seattle electronic producers Odesza released a new song last month called “Line of Sight.”

Harrison and Clay formed the group in 2012 after attending Western Washington University…whoa, Bellingham, what’s up?

The group performed recently at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.  The reviews were ace. EDM Sauce said Odesza, “put on a master class, demonstrating what all live performance in electronic music should strive for.

303 Magazine had a great review too and more pics and videos of the performance. “Perhaps if every moment of life were savored for the mere fact of being alive, there’d be no need for Odesza. But life isn’t that simple. Odesza didn’t just put on a performance, they reminded us how good it feels to live in the moment.”

People love Odesza.

Go with yourself.


Ruth from Minnesota is hyping this LA producer. He goes by the name Away.  The song is called “Sleepwalker” and features the vocals of a singer named London Thor (great name!).

The song is tagged Dance/EDM… has a dreamier chill vibe to my ears….with an almost post-dub grind to it at times.

Go with yourself.

vance joy

Listening to some Vance Joy today. The song “Georgia” is so pretty.

Here’s a live cut I found on Soundcloud.

Got me thinking about the time I got to meet Vance. Great dude.

@vancejoy and me. Best friends forever. #fireandtheflood #vancouver

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Go with yourself.


Since I’m dwelling on the today’s soft favourites of alterna-rock…. let’s punch up Roah Summit‘s heartbreaker, “How Could I Not Be Enough.”

“because I’m a man who needs his reasons why.”

Go with yourself.

Me and Corj

Coral and I got to spend a quick 24 hours up in Whistler this weekend.

I was up there to DJ a wedding for a couple from San Francisco. They have a passion for skiing and mountain adventure so that’s why they chose Whistler. They also love indie and alternative music, so that is why they chose me to DJ!

The groom, Sanjay, had curated a pretty choice selection of songs for the ceremony, cocktails, dinner, and dancing. The song he picked while he came up to the alter was a cool song by Rayland Baxter. The song is called “The MTN Song.” It was so perfect for this hot evening in May.

The song is about mountain nature, love, and standing up their in front of everyone and proclaiming it.

More recently Rayland has a song called “Yellow Eyes” which received some praise.

Happy Monday!

Go with yourself.