city and colour

Dallas Green’s April Shows all over British Columbia are a tough ticket to get. He’ll be in Duncan on the Island tonight, then the Queen E Theatre in Vancouver on April 6th before shows in Surrey and Chilliwack.

If you are a fan and want more, or maybe missed out on tickets this time, maybe it will be worth a roadtrip to Washington State in September?  City and Colour added tour dates in the US and he’ll be in Bellingham on September 28th, Spokane on the 29th and finally Seattle on 30th at The Paramount.

Tickets go on sale Friday! Hit City and Colour dot com slash events.

Dallas is touring 2015’s #1 album If I Should Go Before You.

The show in LA is apparently at a smaller venue so here is how Dallas is gunna try to ensure that fans get access to tickets before the secondary markets takes over.

Due to the intimate size of The Wiltern in Los Angeles, fans are required to pre-register for a unique code using Ticketmaster Verified Fan®  to purchase tickets. City and Colour is working with Ticketmaster in an effort to combat bots and known ticket resellers to get tickets into the hands of real fans that intend to go to the concert. Only fans who have received a unique code will have the chance to purchase tickets. A unique code will be deployed to verified fans on Friday April 7, at 8am PDT, 2 hours prior to the commencement of the ticket On Sale at 10am PDT. The registration period will run from today, Monday, April 3 at 10am PDT until Wednesday, April 5 at 10pm PDT. Concertgoers, interested in attending the concert at The Wiltern can pre-register with Ticketmaster Verified Fan® here.

I wonder if that is a thing that make a difference?

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me and JJ

Kaleo is in town for two sold out shows at The Orpheum tomorrow and Wednesday.

We talk about moving from Iceland to the United States. What he loves about living in the US and how the two cultures aren’t as different as we might think. He talks about what he misses most Iceland, his inspiration for music and how he crafts a song. We yap a little about the album A/B and specifically the song “Broken Bones.”  We also talk about his travelling bar on the tour bus and his love of a classic craft cocktail. He ways the guitar tech mixes up a choice whiskey sour. Also the dude is friends with UFC fighter Gunnar Nelson. Huh.

And here’s the video…you gotta scroll to the 8:38 mark because there is a title screen for awhile.

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said the whale

I blogged the other day about Said The Whale’s incredible song “Miscarriage.” Today, the album that song is off of is out.  The record is called As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide. I’m listening to it right now on Spotify while I get ready for my radio show.

Their fifth record still delivers that Said the Whale indie rock vibes that you’d expect form the band…but their is more weight to many of the songs. The band is playing around with tones and textures….and in that space, I am not sure if I’ve heard a “Camilo” or an “I Love You” (their highest charting single and the only one to chart in the US).  The brightest songs might be “I Will Follow You,” “Step Into Darkness,” or “Heaven.” “Confidence” is also kinda fun, but at the same time maybe also the weakest on the record.

After hearing the album, I still think “Miscarriage” is the standout track. “Emily Rose” is also a pretty indie-folk jam and the final cut “Lilac and Willow” has the band smashing guitars and making wonderful weird noises.

The band begins a tour that will bring them west in Toronto.

March 31 (release day) – Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
April 1 -Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
April 4 – London, ON – Rum Runners / London Music Hall Complex
April 5 – Ottawa, ON – Bronson Centre Theatre
April 6 – Montreal, QC – Petit Campus
April 7 – Kitchener, ON – Centre in the Square
April 8 – Peterborough, ON – Red Dog
April 12 – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge
April 27 – Pender Island, BC – Hope Bay Studio
April 28 – Victoria, BC – Sugar Nightclub
April 29 – Vancouver, BC – Vogue Theatre
May 3 – Kelowna, BC – The Habitat
May 4 – Calgary, AB – Commonwealth Bar
May 5 – Edmonton, AB – Starlite Room
May 6 – Saskatoon, SK – Cosmopolitain Senior Centre
May 7 – Winnipeg, MB – Park Theatre


The cover art is cool. It from a 1967 Nat Geo photo.  “American bison charge through heavy snow in Yellowstone National Park, November 1967.”

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CRi is from Montreal, PQ. Love this super chill, slow build, “Rush.”

His debut ep is out now. It is called Someone Else.

“Over the past year, many experiences led me to question my path. A real duel emerged within me, between my dreams and my fear; with time, anxiety often took the best of me. In an attempt to fight against this feeling, I’ve decided to let go and submerge myself in creation. The conception of this record allowed me to meet a ton of inspiring people, to collaborate with super talented artists, and, ultimately, to learn a bit more about myself. This release is certainly my most personal to date and I am very proud of it.”


Here’s a (S)haan remix of Steve Aoki’s “Just Hold On.” What’s up the brackets (S)haan. Everyone’s gotta be so weird all the time.


Happy Friday!

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meat wave

I love discovering a new band that I really should have ought to know about. Post-punk I guess is the genre and I guess that is what I like. The band is called Meat Wave.

I was trolling AV Club’s music reviews…. noticed that of all the records they’ve reviewed recently, the lowest rated (The Menzingers) was my favourite on their list. Fuffffff….and bands send me music to “review” on this blog? What are you thinking?

One band I didn’t know, but wanted to after seeing their name was Meat Wave. Glad I clicked the link. Love their style. The Chicago band worked with Steve Albini and makes some quality punk rocking noise!

They say their third record’s inspiration came from the lead singer’s breakup of a 12-year relationship. That’s gotta be rough.

“Run You Out” seems to be the popular share song form their record The Incessant.  From an interview in CLRVYNT, Chris Sutter tlaks about the song.

I think I wrote “Run You Out” about a year ago, maybe a little more than a year ago. It came out of some grand realizations about myself, and how some reflection can be really ugly — and necessary. Confronting, questioning how I had handled things, my desire to escape from a situation. I don’t know — I feel a lot older. It’s crazy to look back on that time, even though it wasn’t that long ago, and to feel removed or aged or different. Some of the past just kind of stings, and I think that’s what getting older is: experiencing life in its madness, looking back on it. Writing that song was like building blocks. Just kept adding around the riff in the chorus. That was the impetus to that song.


Been doing some boxing. Good times.

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Coral went to see her midwife today. They recorded Baby Milkshake’s heartbeat!

whoa, the miracle of life.

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bipolar sunshine

I like the Bipolar Sunshine songs we’ve explored on the ole MAS Blog. Let’s try another one.

This one explores a bit of an alt-rock vibe.

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