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Thrice’s classic, The Artist in the Ambulance came out back in 2003 and is custom, the band will be touring the 20th anniversary. They also re-recorded the record featuring a buffet of guest vocals.

The question has to be asked: Why would we re-record a 20 year old album, let alone one that is widely beloved and arguably our most well-known. I think the core of the answer is that it simply sounded fun and we were curious,” shares Thrice vocalist Dustin Kensrue. “We know that playing the revisionist is a dangerous game, so we were always a little uneasy about trying to go back and mess with something that people loved, people who had none of the hangups about the record that we did. But, since we decided to do this anyway, we tried to let that wariness guide us in how we approached the record, and in the end we decided to make very minimal structural changes.

At the end of the day, what we wanted the record to sound like for fans is that somehow one of their old favorite records got a new lease on life, but that it hadn’t lost its soul or turned into something else. We hope you enjoy revisiting The Artist In the Ambulance.”

That’s nice. As a recovering hipster myself, I enjoy the aged up vocals.

The band is touring, but no Vancouver show. C’est dommage. I’d have to brave the I-5 and hit Seattle.

You can still find a few vinyl copies of the record on their website. The Galaxy Blue one is still in stock and a splatter platter? Sure.

Back from a family trip to Whistler to celebrate my wife’s 40th birthday! Fun times. We didn’t have Thrice banging on the stereo on the drive up. It was enough to keep the kids from dominating the playlist with songs heard in Roblox YouTube videos.

Go with yourself.

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Trust the machine….well sometimes. I was listening to Thrice on soundcloud and the gremlins dished up an artist I’ve never heard before after. California’s electro popper Bloodboy. Her song “Human Female” sounds great. It made me take notice.

Also… c’mon that new Thrice? Magic.

Go with yourself.

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Because everything old is new again…we have some Thrice coming out. Thrice’s 9th, To Be Everywhere is To Be Nowhere, is out on May 27th. First share song is called “Blood On The Sand” and you know what? To my ears it sounds real good. Real good.

After watching a year of fear make people do terrible things, and now on the precipice of more of the same, this song is an anthem for anyone that’s had enough of it,” says frontman Dustin Kensrue.

I wish rock & roll was popular. The band is on tour, nothing in our neighbourhood.



We had a big Good Friday. Started with a movie…Zootopia. I only got to see about half before Jack had had enough. But Coral and Maddy said it was good. Ikea, some greek food, frozen yogurt, then back home.

But it was a sunny holiday Friday and the party needed to continue so Coral and I packed up the kids and headed to What’s Up Hot Dog on Hastings near Nanaimo. We like that place…because the food is good, we can bring the kids…but just a little bit it feels like a pub. Plus bitching soundtrack, pinball and cheap(ish) beer.

The dude that owns it, or works there, or both? Is in a band.

The Isotopes Punk Rock Baseball Club.

Influences include the ’94 Expos? Alright!


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Like I said, the music in What’s Up is always good. How about this one? late 70s, early 80s (into the 90s) UK garage punk. The Revillos “Yeah Yeah.” I mean honestly, how many different words do you need in a song?

Go with yourself.

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Happy Tuesday my music blogger friends. The above Vine is a clip of my ECCW Wrestling debut…and possibly my last match? I took part in a small bout between some of the main events on Saturday at ECCW’s sold out Ballroom Brawl5 at the legendary Commodore Ballroom.

My fight was the “15 Minutes of Fame” match against Brady Malibu. An open challenge fight that ended with my head being smashed in by an iPad. Good times.

On to the tunes.

The Griswolds are going back on tour and coming to North America. Looking forward to a show on May 3rd at The Imperial with Panama Wedding and Magic Man. Other Pacific Northwest dates for the Hotling Spring Tour include Seattle on the 4th and Portland on the 5th. Weird, last time I was in Portland, The Griswolds were there and I missed them because I was doddling.


unnamed (13)

Thrice is firing it back up! (I used to love Thrice) Tour and a new record in 2016. I am jazzed on hearing what a 9th Thrice record might sound like, sad that there are no Vancouver shows.


The CBC had a story on Victoria rad duder Aidan Knight. They asked, “why isn’t he bigger in Canada?”

“Knight also explains how the last decade of his life has been like a research period — replete with lessons for his fresh start in Europe.”


Got my old Versicolour LP in the collection at home.

I’ve been a fan of his work since early Victoria band Black Tie Social. Still LOVE hearing “Silver Screens.” (I hope they don’t mind…I uploaded the song on Soundcloud….eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)


And here is a live recording from 2006….just before the band’s final show at Big Fernwood.

Ugh…. nostalgia, you are a powerful drug.

Go with yourself.

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