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The White Panda sent over their punched up take on Verite’s most excellent The 1975 cover of “Somebody Else.”

In an email Tom from White Panda said, “We thought it would be fun to give a more dancey edge to her soothing vocals, and were really pleased with how it came out.”


Yesterday was my daughter’s 9th birthday!

I took the day off at the radio station so my wife and her mother could Madelyn to a tea house in Vancouver.

I totally flaked on this year. I wanted to theme her 9th birthday after the movie 9. Do you remember that movie?  When Madelyn was a baby (or like toddler) she used to watch that movie all the time. I must have seen it a thousand times.

And I remember thinking, “when she turns 9, I’ll get her like a 9 birthday cake or something.”

But then life happened and the obsession for the film 9 was replaced and replaced again. And replaced again and she is into different things now.

Today we’re taking a gaggle of 9-year-olds to see the Lego Batman movie. Fun. Pray for me and my wife.

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#tbt 2009 was a very good year.

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And how about that Coheed & Cambria at the end of the trailer. I’m pumped!

Go with yourself.

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