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We try to keep our apartment pretty cleanCoral keeps out apertment pretty clean. Coral and Nana keep our home clean, which is a real challenge with a rampaging 16 month old.

Its one of those things I’ve noticed from friends that have a kid(s) older than ours… at some point, the battle is lost and the home is a mess.  Coral has vowed, “not us!”

I’ve already got my little one trained to do her part.


“Good helping Madelyn.”

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The above picture has very little to do with what’s about to happen in this post, I just thought it was a pretty album cover.  The band is called The Rural Alberta Advantage and their record is new and mega-hyped by the internets.  I am sure I’ll buy it sometime over the next couple weeks, so I’ll let you know what I think about it then…

The point of this post is simple really.  Madelyn got her tiny little baby hands on Coral’s phone today and somehow managed to call me during my show.  if you want to hear cute baby banter; you can by…

Clicking right here: Madelyn Calls The Zone

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