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jack eating

Here is a picture of our youngest. Coral was telling me that he loves sitting by the window to eat his snack! I love this picture.

My family moves over to Vancouver at the end of the month and I can’t wait. My work is shifted a little later in the day so I’ll get to be a stay-at-home Dad for the first half of the day. My wife is taking a few months off before trying to hustle a job so we’re pretty excited for the summer.

The hardest part of this move is missing out on the little things everyday. My weekends in Victoria fly by and as anyone with kids will tell you, “they grow up so fast!” I remember with Madelyn I’d roll my eyes when the veteran parents would say that. But you know what, it is true. If you’re having a kid, or one day you might…that is a true piece of lore from the parents before you. Anyway, trying to live my life and each day like your instagram feed, but at the same time, kinda wishing days to go by so we hit the end of the month and get this summer fired up all together.

OK music… bah bah bah dear diary…

One of our favourite British 90s grungy throwbacks here at CFOX, Wolf Alice, have a new record on June 22nd called My Love is Cool (Dirty Hit Records). We know and love Wolf Alice from their radio song “Moaning Lisa Smile,” (and their amazing set at The Biltmore back in…March?) now we have another listen from the album, “You’re a Germ.” When I was a snot-nosed skid growing up in Coquitlam, people called me Germy. Neat.


Back on the Borns train. “Seeing Stars” is getting some active play on my new playlist. He’s got the line thing through the “O” on his name, I don’t know how to make that with my Canadian keyboard.


and doesn’t this Crystal Fighters song sound like a jingle for a TV commercial? Catchy as fuck. I know, I’m blogging a 2-year-old song, but whatever…feeling it with this sunny hot weather in Vancouver.

Go with yourself.

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wolf alice

Wolf Alice has a new single. “Giant Peach.” Whoa…it’s a ripper. New record is called My Love is Cool. It comes out on June 23rd.

Singer Ellie Roswell says of the song, “It’s about a love affair with the city (London). It’s a song to dance to, but also a song to lose your shit to.”

Turn it up to 11.

Go with yourself.

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Remix y’all….

Two Door Cinema Club‘s “Sleep Alone” gets all dancey.  The remix is done by French producer Beataucue.  Let’s go!

Two Door Cinema Club – “Sleep Alone” BeatauCue Remix

Free Download >> Soundcloud

Go with yourself.

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Thank you for finding my blog.  If this is your first time visiting I would like to invite you to check out my weekly podcast called Capital Rock City.  Capital Rock City is a weekly audio podcast I create that features some of the fine music of Victoria and points in and around the capital.

Please Download: Capital Rock City #63

If you enjoy the show, please consider sharing the link with a friend and subscribing to the podcast.  You can subscribe by using this RSS feed or by searching ‘capital rock city’ in the iTunes store.

Now lets get to it.

DJ Notes

01) Mother Mother – “Hay Loft”
02) Paper Cranes – “Black Centipedes”
03) Great White Shark – “Long to Tell You”
04) Everybody Left – “Get Used”

The show begins with a taste of an interview I did with Mother Mother lead sing Ryan Guldemon.  We’ll get a couple chances to see this Quadra Island native (now living in Vancouver) on August 15th at Cumberland’s Big Time Out Festival and then here in the city in late September at Rifflandia.  Ryan and I mostly talk about how I completely fail at interpreting their music.  good times.

The Paper Cranes have a new record called ‘Chivalry’s Dead’ and they be celebrating its release with a pair of CD release parties.  July 17th here in Victoria at Lucky Bar (Racoons in support) and then the following night, July 18th in Vancouver at The Biltmore.

I got an email from my man crush Eric Thompson at A TV.  Eric has a son and he is the drummer in the band Great White Shark.  AND it turns out I know the lead singer.  He was in the band Something Better which I have featured before on Capital Rock City (I thinkon the podcast I make a mistake and confused my notes.  I said that Great White Shark was Everybody Left… and that is wrong, they were Something Better).

Finally, a song from the band Everybody Left.  What a groovy track.

That’ll do it for this week’s Capital Rock City.  Thank you for spending your time exploring new indie rock with me and I hope you’ll not be a stranger and introduce yourself in the comment section and make a point to subscribe to the podcast.

Go with yourself.

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The above picture has very little to do with what’s about to happen in this post, I just thought it was a pretty album cover.  The band is called The Rural Alberta Advantage and their record is new and mega-hyped by the internets.  I am sure I’ll buy it sometime over the next couple weeks, so I’ll let you know what I think about it then…

The point of this post is simple really.  Madelyn got her tiny little baby hands on Coral’s phone today and somehow managed to call me during my show.  if you want to hear cute baby banter; you can by…

Clicking right here: Madelyn Calls The Zone

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Metro Cascade

Hey Metro Cascade, you kids are alright!

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Come get some, Capital Rock City in late, but always on time.

Please Listen: Capital Rock City 49

and remember kids, SUBSCRIBING to the podcast on iTunes is the only way to fight a wild fire in Australia!  The cute little koala bears thank you for it.  Or heck, why not RSS Feed this bitch direct from The Zone!

DJ Notes:

01) Skies Kill – “Exhaust Fumes”
02) Skies Kill – “Remote Visibility”
03) Crown The Wolf – “Primer Ride”
04) The Faunts – “Feel. Love. Thinking of.”
05) Something Better – “Long to Tell You”
06) Steve Marriner – “Zulu Ripper”


Skies Kill are one of my new favourites.  Danny Peters from the group emailed me three songs earlier this week and I gave them all a solid listen.  The band is still developing their sound and maybe there are parts I’d tighten up, but the basic genesis of the music is wonderful to my ears.  The lead off track that I played on CRC, “Exhaust Fumes” is one of my stand-out picks because a lot happens in less than 3 minutes.  It is almost two songs with a long soundtracky end.

Crown The Wolf bring the Fu Manchu fuzz rock to Victoria and maybe you’ll come see them at Evolution Nightclub next Thursday, March 26th!

Adam at Sonic in Deadmonton has to yet to fail in exporting something mighty from the Champion Rock City… the hockey team might suck, but the music is wonderous.

Now Adam might not own a scarf, but I do, so I care what Pitchfork has to say about The Faunts. Actually, I don’t believe Adam doesn’t own a scarf, hypothermia is a clear and present danger in Edmonton any time of the year… maybe I should send him one?

Next I talk to Wynn Gogol.  Wynn operates 1 Ton Studios in the Quadra Village.  He recorded Something Betters music!  Nice.


One of Wynn’s favourite projects was/is working with Ottawa’s Steve Marriner, so I ended the podcast with Steve’s “Zulu Ripper” which … um… rips.

That’s all I got.  Best of 2009… so far, is coming to you next week.  If you have any ideas or request then please don’t be shy, email me or comment.

Go with yourself.

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