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CFOX Vancouver imaging producer Jamie Ellard wanted to use a child’s voice to freshen up the “rock poetry” imaging that airs before some recurrent songs.

My 9-year-old daughter Madelyn came into the studio and put down her voice with Jamie.

Go with yourself.

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New M83 record is out tomorrow… I hope the iTunes download goes hot tonight, I am going to buy it for sure.  Actually… if Ditch has the vinyl tomorrow… I’d really like that.  I wonder?

Initial reviews have been promising.  I adore the first single “Midnight City.”

Today I have been jamming out track one/side one, “Intro”  Easy right… first song should be called intro.

Pitchfork loves this cut… I’m a little more meh on it… I am sure, in the context of the whole double album, this song serves well.  As a stand alone single or song, it doesn’t have the payoff that I enjoy in a 5 minute ditty.

This is an epic, building, bright cut that you can imagine really crushes down for the next song…  have a listen.  It features vocals from Nika Roza Danilova of Zola Jesus.

M83 – “Intro 9feat. Zola Jesus)”

Download MP3 >> M83 – Intro

Its alright, but not changing my world.  What I did enjoy… M83 remixes!

If I ever get my shit sorted and learn to make beats and samples… I’ll glitch out all night.


Finally made it to a Victoria Royals hockey game.

I brought Mads so I couldn’t stay the whole time… but I will say that Madelyn is finally getting to an age where she can enjoy the process.  She sits in her chair.  Loves to clap.  Pays attention enough to know that Victoria is the “Purple” team (the jersey is more blue-ish but shhhh). Yells “Go ‘Toria!” And loves her treats.

The Royals played the Kelowna Rockets (Grandpa Rob’s team) and gutted out an overtime win!

We also got to see super-stud #9 Kevin Sundher assist a Soudek goal.  He is tied for the top scorer in the WHL right now.  Nice.

I hope that I am fortunate enough to get another pair of tickets to take Madelyn again this season.

In other hockey news… Coral and I will be heading to Van for a game verse CBJ in November.  Fun attack!


It was an eventful weekend.  I kinda like not working my weekends away.  I get that whole mantra that to be successful you gotta be working and creating all.the.time… but I’ll save that Radio Stars of the world.  I’ll take some pleasure in a glorious Fall hike.

My brother CJ is turning into a true weekend warrior on the trail.  I had to miss out so much on the hikes because of work, but this weekend was about living Island Time and having fun.  CJ and Caitlin and I hit Gowlland Tod Park for an “easy” assent up to a lookout that offered an amazing picnic spot.  We spied the Saanich Inlet and Malahat Mountain.

I kinda want to do it again next weekend… but I think CJ already has designs on East Sooke.  Though, my bro will need a rain coat as we won’t always be so lucky to hike in the glorious sun in our temperate rain forest.

Do you have any favourite hiking spots that are an easy drive from the city?

Go with yourself.

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Jon Lake was one of the Rifflandia Official photographers.  He captured these three beauties on Sunday afternoon during Daniel Wesley‘s set.

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Its Halloween, no better time to go for a ghost hunt in Victoria. Using my two-year-old daughter as bait… we first headed to Lime Bay in Esquimalt and searched around Spinniker’s Pub. Seeing no definite evidence of the super-natural, we were off to the basement of the Rialto Hotel. Again, we were having no luck until suddenly….

The music I used for background you can find on this mix:http://www.mixcloud.com/jeremybaker/m…

I also sample Art Bell from a Coast to Coast AM broadcast on EVP’s from 2005.

Thank you for making the time to have a listen.

a slightly less compressed mix lives on Mixcloud: The Haunting of Madelyn

Go with yourself.

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This afternoon, Coral and Madelyn came to visit me at the radio station.  They came with coffee and they came just as it was time for me to hop in the studio to jam out today’s Modern Rock Inbox.  Mads loves going on the radio, so I dragged her into the Production B studio and hit record.

Have a listen.

The finished product: The Modern Rock Inbox on The Zone @ 91-3.

and if you’re interested in the recording session, here is the raw audio that I chopped up for the inbox.

Go with yourself.

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Jumping jigawatts, last Saturday night at The Veneto Lounge, I had one hell of a spooky encounter.

Now, I have no idea what Madelyn will look like when she gets older.  I reckon some sort of wonderous mash-up of Coral and … someone.

I had no idea what she’d look like, till she was born, then I saw her and thought, “huh, yeah that is what she is supposed to look like.”

But when it comes to future 30-something Madelyn… being all hipster in the year 2038… well my brain has a hard time computing that time-line of events.

Until last Saturday night!

I was DJing at the lounge and a couple lovelies saddled up to the bar.  One of the ladies appeared to be in her 30s.  Attractive like so many people in the Capital of British Columbia, but something about her struck me as odd.  I didn’t want to stare or creep her out but it then dawned on me…

The lady at the bar was Madelyn, from the future, back in the year 2010 to visit her old Dad.

Great right?  Who wouldn’t want to visit with their future daughter.  But is it really?

Why would Madelyn risk fucking with the space-time continuum unless it was very serious? Dire?

Do I die?  Does she know of some sort of catastrophic event in my near future that she has come back to set right? Does she grow up, not knowing of her father… and so motivated by this great loss… studies the mysteries of time… invents a time-machine and travels back to 2010 to learn about me?

Perhaps she is on another mission and thought, “hey, well I am in Victoria, circa 2010, might as well drop in on my old Dad to see what he was up to?”

I just couldn’t imagine I’d raise a daughter so inconsiderate of the perils of time travel that she’d just “stop by” and risk me finding out facts about the future. That’s just dumb.

Go with yourself.

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My daughter Madelyn Oh Yeah came to visit me during my radio show onhttp://thezone.fm/jeremy .

She then proceeded to push EVERY button and BROKE the radio. The worst part… the worst part, she wouldn’t even apologize on the radio to everyone. That baby!

Listen >> Maddy Oh Yeah broke the radio

Go with yourself.

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