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weight on the Brain
Matt Drenik is Battleme.  You might know some of the music from the FX TV show Sons of Anarchy.  Like this song, or this song, or maybe this most excellent Neil Young cover.

Battleme will put out a full length in 2014…until then, he’ll wet our whistles with the Weight on The Brain ep.  I do love his SOA songs, so I thought I better hit play on the psyche-rocker “Just Weight.”

It’s a far more aggressive jam compared to the mostly acoustic songs featured on TV.

I dig that.

Battleme is on tour in the States now and playing a couple shows with Metric.  Ain’t that a pip!

Go with yourself.

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Man, my kid looks like a savage warrior.  And some nights before bed, or some mornings getting ready for preschool, she acts like one too!

On our way to some swimming last night, I spied this vintage looking Harley.  I wanted to take a pic, Mads wanted to be in it… so here we are.  Then off to the diving board.  She loves to swim in the deep end, which is wonderful and scary, considering she doesn’t know how to swim.  The good is that she is actually getting kinda competent and I can now see the day when I won’t have to keep her alive in the deep end.  AND I tread a lot of water, so our swimming trips are starting to be a bit of a cardio for fat dad too.  Nice.

Back at the Baker homestead we are almost through season 4 of Sons of Anarchy.  Well Coral is… I have only watched sporadic episodes, but I think I have the story down pretty good.

The other day i wrapped season 3 and I heard a great song by an artist called Battleme.  Battleme is Matt Drenik, lead singer of a band called Lions.  But when he is solo, its Battleme.  He does a cover of Neil Young‘s Hey Hey, My My… and its pretty awesome.

Battleme – “Hey Hey, My My”

Download MP3 >> [tindeck.com] – Battleme – Hey Hey, My My

Go with yourself.

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