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Paul Simon

A simple edit of the classic Paul Simon jam for the dance floor by Flight Facilities.

Go with yourself.

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Walk The Moon packed up their latest single “Tightrope” as an ep (limited vinyl here).

Some interesting b-sides, acoustics and a cover!  Walk the Moon take on classic 1983 Talking Heads “Burning Down The House.”

In related, but unrelated to the ep news… there is also a remix of “Tightrope” by j.viewz that was uploaded today… free download.  Good times.

Happy Monday!

Go with yourself.

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My goodness… Arkells just wrapped a tour and their “thank you” to us, the fans… a beauty free download of a song they cut with Lights (who they toured with?  weird… wonderful).  Check out this alternate take on “Book Club” from the album Michigan Left. Then fist pump your nearest bro… this song is good.

Go with yourself.

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My hiking pants are tumbling in the dryer…though I don’t really see the point as it looks like my hike at Gowlland Tod will be in the rain.  Sipping a coffee and checking some emails while I wait for adventure and I punched up a song that came from Perth, Western Australia. Probably less rain there.

The group is called Water Graves and they describe their music as “lo-fi textures combined with watery synth and dreamy harmonies.”  Sounds like my kind of chillwave for a rainy weekend in the forest kingdom of Victoria.  Debut ep is out later this year.  Until then…

I think my pants are getting pretty close to dry.  Time to hit Red Barn for a sandwich to pack and then a muddy trail.  See you tonight at Veneto (I am DJing a Saturday for a change).

Go with yourself.

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I got a pile of bills sitting on the table.  Ugh, giving me heart palpitations.  Its my own fault.  I let shit slide in the summer and its coming home to roost.  Need to man-up and just dump my hoarded cash on it.  Bummer man, I hoard cash like an Orc chief, but thus is life in Victoria.

More remixes came across the inbox today.  One that grabbed my attention is another xx remix.  This sexy rework comes courtesy Libations and Oscillations.  I really smooth and easy take on The xx song “Sunset” from their latest album Coexist.

The xx – “Sunset” (Libations and Oscillations Remix)

Download MP3 >> Soundcloud

I *might* have more xx remixes than album tracks from this band. Neat.


Today, I read a most excellent article in Vulture about the Brooklyn indie rockers Grizzly Bear. (read it)

The article talks about the life and finances of a “big indie rock band” and puts into perspective just how hard it is to make it.  So good.

There is lots of talk of the importance of radio (what? nobody listens to the radio anymore)

The commercial system, he says, is “utterly fascinating and infuriating at the same time,” particularly the unwritten rules governing what is and is not deemed playable on the radio, and his sense that radio is still about the only way to reach people who don’t spend time actively seeking out new music. “I’ve always thought we write pop music,” he says. “I think songs of ours could be on the radio. They’re not.” The question of which bands get traction in the smaller indie world strikes him as a bit arbitrary and mysterious, too, but that’s a hurdle the band’s already cleared. Now it’s poised somewhere between rock-critical acclaim and genuine crossover. “There’s a ceiling that independent artists hit,” he recently told NPR, “and the only way past it is radio.” And radio “still feels very much controlled by major labels’ ability to use leverage—you still have to have the muscle. Very few indie acts actually have breakthrough radio hits.”

Interesting perspective from their side.

Well Grizzly Bear… lets have a listen to your song “Yet Again.”  They play the shit out of “Yet Again” on SiriusXM U (god Sirius has the most tragic branding).

Grizzly Bear -“Yet Again”

Download MP3 >> TapeMixTape


That’s all I got. Go with yourself.

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Last weekend, I traveled to Sequim, Washington.  What a crazy and wonderful adventure.  I didn’t know you HAD to make a reservation for the Coho Ferry that goes from Victoria to Port Angeles.  I arrived two hours early Saturday morning and it was already full.  Well that fucking sucks Black Ball.  So it was a race to the BC Ferries, across the border, down the I-5.  West at Burlington, over a bridge, along a windy Whidbey Island road, another ferry to Port Townsend, around a bay and on to Sequim.  I arrived at 5PM, just in time for Stacy and Les’ wedding!  What a drive.

Their wedding ended earlier than I thought and there wasn’t much going on… so I went to Seattle.  I drove to Bainbridge Island, took another ferry and got to Seattle at 12:30AM!

I drove around Seattle for a bit then went, ahhhh I’ll just drive home.  Stopped around Mount Vernon and slept; woke up… and back home on the ferry 24 hours after I got on BC Ferries.   Good adventure, good people.

I woke up on Sunday to a couple emails alerting me to new comments on my blog.  Some chick going off on an old blog post about Puscifer.  Weird.  But that’s the internet, people that don’t know you, can discover an old blog post, take it out of context and shit on you.

Maybe I should delete the post?  She’s the second person to send me an angry tirade over a couple sentences.


I do have a great remix for you today.  I have been loving Atlas Genius’ song “Trojans” for awhile now.  Today I got a facebook message from my second best English Mate Rob letting me know about his new monthly mix.   Lots of cool jams.  My attention drifted to a remix from the Aussie band by Lenno.  nice.

Atlas Genius – “Trojans” (Lenno Remix)

Download MP3  >> Soundcloud

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Getting bogged down.  Brain power is low, energy is low.  So much work and projects that need attention.  It didn’t help that sleep crept up on me last night and I crashed hard.  Had to play catch up this morning.  The one thing I really wanted to do was put together a mix of songs Coral found.  We downloaded a bunch, but I fell asleep before I could craft a podcast.  So… coming soon?

Did roll into the Zone to some fine music.  Mumford & Sons… the band single handily responsible for bringing Depression chic back popped into the BBC 1 for a live performance.   BBC shows always seem to showcase a cover which I love.  Mumford & Sons tackle a jam from the British hipsters Alt J.

Mumford & Sons – “Tessellate” (Alt J cover)

Download MP3 >> When The Gramophone Rings

Cool song.  I think they’re singing about a movie, but I get a Mexican Standoff vibe.


I got an email the other day from some mucky muck working for Ghostkick. The duo reworked the massive massive from Phoenix, “1901.”  This song has good propulsive energy for your running, workout of dance floor mix.

Phoenix – “1901” (Ghostkick and Andr3x remix)

Download MP3 >> Soundcloud


Another remix that snuck up on me was this beauty by Work Drugs.  He but a nice spin Bon Iver’s “Beth/Rest.”

Bon Iver – “Beth/Rest” (Work Drugs Remix)

Download MP3 >> Soundcloud


I’ll be working on a lot of these songs during my set Friday night at Veneto.  Maybe I’ll see you there?

Go with yourself.

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Remix y’all….

Two Door Cinema Club‘s “Sleep Alone” gets all dancey.  The remix is done by French producer Beataucue.  Let’s go!

Two Door Cinema Club – “Sleep Alone” BeatauCue Remix

Free Download >> Soundcloud

Go with yourself.

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London’s The XX have a new record called Coexist out on September 11th.  Already the album is streaming for those in the want.  A remix floating around the blogs today comes from a Philadelphia producer named Skollo.  One blogger described it as a moombahton style.  Sure.

The xx – “Angels” (Skollo remix)

Download MP3 >> Angels (Sköllo Remix)


I read an interview the other day on Pitchfork with Dr. Jonathan Sterne and he was talking about his new book about the MP3.  I thought it sounded pretty neat so I emailed him and said, “I’m a radio guy, blah blah blah, send me a book.”

AND he did!

I cracked it, and the first page had an interesting quote from the 1930s.

The organic has become visible

again even within the mechani-

cal complex: some of our most

characteristic mechanical instru-

ments—the telephone, the phono-

graph, the motion picture—have

grown out of our interest in the human

voice and the human eye and our knowl-

edge of their physiology and anatomy.

Can one detect, perhaps, the characteristic

properties of this emergent order—its pat-

tern, its planes, its angle of polarization, its color?

Can one, in the process of crystallization, remove

the turbid residues left behind by our earlier forms

of technology? Can one distinguish and define the specific

properties of a technics directed toward the service of life:

properties that distinguish it morally, socially, politically, es-

thetically from the cruder forms that preceded it? Let us make

the attempt.—Lewis Mumford, Technics and Civilization

Right on Mumford… right on. Interesting character and a great way to start a book about ones and zeros and music.


Some serious thought to wrap the grey matter of my brain around.  I’ve also been thinking of writing a story.  Ugh, two actually… but they are both so weird and niche and I don’t see the end or the point yet.  That might take more meditation and a machine that adds a couple more hours to the day because right now, there just ain’t enough time.

That’s all I got, time to go read my book.

Go with yourself.

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It was a busy weekend of DJ gigs, Swiftsure, weddings, Veneto, and Power to Be events… but now that it is Monday and back to work, I get to relax!

The picture at the top of this blog is from the Power to Play event on Sunday.  Woke up with the birds for a Tough Mudder type race pitting various companies against each other to tackle some pretty extreme challenges culminating in the Mud Bog and then climbing the pyramid to ring the bell and finish the race!

Team Zone was a group of listeners and they placed 9th!  And were the top media team to finish.

Power to Play is coming to Vancouver in September at Stanley Park… so Vancouver friends, check it out.  It was mighty! (and they don’t have a radio partner yet… hint hint)


Right, cover song freakout… I got a couple for you.  Song one was tweeted at me by Matthew.  Matthew knowing that I love all things Ben Howard AND Carly Rae Jepsen send me a cover of “Call Me Maybe.”

Ben Howard – “Call Me Maybe” (Carly Rae Jepsen cover)

Download MP3 >> Ben Howard – Call Me Maybe

I like this take as its a pretty dramatic spin on the bright Top 40 original.  You recognize the CR Jepsen, but its a Ben Howard tune.  Same words, same basic arrangement, different energy.  Love the vibe.

The other cover I heard today was Morning Parade covering Black Key’s “Gold on the Ceiling.”  They had the boys on SiriusXM Alt Nation talking about this jam.  The boys said they have stayed in a lot of nice hotel and a lot of dumpy motels and this song speaks to that.

Morning Parade – “Gold on the Ceiling” (Black Keys cover)

Download MP3 >> Morning Parade – Gold on the Ceiling

Once again… a great cover because they take the song, give it a different spin while maintaining the essence.


In other news…. Game of Thrones this weekend… Battle of the Blackwater lived up to the hype in production.  As far as a TV series go, it was mighty.  Guys having their heads cleaved off, magical green fire and then!  GACK! My Shaw Box died.  And since then, no TV.  I’d complain to Shaw, but my resident Shaw employee is at Sasquatch.  The worst.  Oh well, I look forward to finishing the battle when she gets back.  Besides, no TV for a day… aside form the battles I’ll have with Madelyn tonight, probably for the best.

Go with yourself.

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