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me on TV
Hey, they put me on TV again…this time it was to speculate why the Squamish Festival was cancelled.

Watch it on the Global Morning News.

Face for radio right?

OK…some musics.

Fuck, woke up crushed by allergies. Love spring. Love Vancouver….but starting in February it starts getting green and flowery in this part of the world, and fuck me.

Bear Hands is cool. Band is from Brooklyn. They had a couple radio hits. New record is called You’ll Pay For This and its’ out on April 15th.

First single is “2AM.”  Nothing good happens after 2AM….it’s like they’ve partied in Vancouver before….


When Lukas Graham‘s “7 Years” came out, I wanted to hate it. But I can’t. And the dude is from Copenhagen? Neat. Happiest place on Earth so the internet says.

Happy Friday!

Go with yourself.

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Bear Hands is a band we know and love here in The Zone because of the song “Giants.” The follow up single is a cut called “Agora” and yesterday a remix from Com Truise was posted. Let’s hit it!

Bear Hands will be on Conan on October 27th!


Penguin Prison is the worst name for a group. Penguins should be in nature, not in jail. I Heart Moosiq posted this beauty jam.


Finally…I like this chill Ryan Hemsworth song, “Snow in Newark.”

Fact Mag says these things about the song.

That’s all I got…. oh wait… Saddle Creek is re-issuing Cursive’s The Ugly Organ… pre-order YUP!

Thank you JR at Ditch Records for the head’s up…he really is the best record store guy on the planet.

I had Ugly Organ in the compact disc player during the time around the birth of my son Jack.

That part that says “The worst is over..” over and over and over. It resonated with me after his birth and both baby and Mom were alive and healthy. It’s one of those Dad things… when it is game time….it is just Mom and babe and there isn’t much you can do but strap in, trust in the medical science, and hope. After it is done and everyone is safe and healthy, you think…OK, this is gunna be alright.

I do l know of course…wait, this is just the beginning! But for the moment, it’s all good.


Aaaaaaand. New Foo Fighters today. This will be a big deal at the radio factory.

Now…that is all I got. Time to hit Part and Parcel for lunch!

Go with yourself.

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I had a chance to chat with Bear Hands lead singer Dylan Rau.  We yapped about the band’s punk rock origins in Connecticut and New York City before trying to get to the bottom of the Much Mega Hit, “Giants.”

Go with yourself.

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