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Scottish rockers We Were Promised Jetpacks shared a brand new song today in front of news of a record. Their first in four years.

The song they shared is called “Hanging In” and it will be part of September 14th’s The More I Sleep the Less I Dream.

The album is so much about us going back to our basics and relying on our instincts.” Mike Palmer says. “There’s a range of songs that span everything we do as a band, and we’re the connection between them. It feels like this album is us.”

The band will be repping a bunch of shows in the Pacific Northwest but sadly…no Vancouver date. Brutal.

10.02 – Spokane, WA @ The Bartlett
10.03 – Seattle, WA @ Neumos
10.04 – Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom
10.05 – Bellingham, WA @ The Wild Buffalo
10.06 – Eugene, OR @ WOW Hall


Got some radio head shots back from the photographer. This was the “best” one. What do you guys think?

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One of Vancouver’s most haunted properties was recently sold and will be redeveloped into condos!

The house sits at Cambie Street and King Edward Avenue, right in the vortex of densification, and is haunted!

Daily Hive points out these legends of terror!

It sits on a First Nations burial ground: Legend has it that the original settlers of these lands don’t want you disturbing their final resting place.

The couple, the baby, and the crib: The new occupants of the house put their baby in its crib one night. They went back to their rooms, and soon after they heard the baby screaming and crying. The couple ran into the nursery to find the baby at the edge of the window sill.
The family that just moved in: A new family that finished their big move into the house went out for dinner. But when they returned, they found all of their luggage and clothes folded and packed neatly, and they took it as an ominous sign warning them to leave.

The family on the lawn: A new family had just moved in and went to sleep in their new home. The next day, they woke up on the lawn with all their boxes and suitcases next to them.

The woman in the window: A passerby on a bike saw a “For Sale” sign on the front lawn. The realtor had just finished an open house, locked up, and was leaving for the day. The passerby asked if the house had been sold, she replied, “no, not yet. Not much interest in this place, if you know what I mean.” Moments later, the passerby saw a lady-like figure passing by the second storey window.

Go with yourself.

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Vancouver rock & rollers, JAPANDROIDS, stopped by CFOX for an interview. The band begins the next leg of their tour at home on Thursday with three shows at Fortune Sound Club.

Brian King and David Prowse told us about touring in Russia and Dave shared a story about the time the boys had to catch a train from Moscow to Saint Petersburg.

After a night of hard drinking in Moscow after a show, they cut getting to the train a little tight. As they got to the train station the overnight train began pulling away from the platform. The band and their crew had to literally run after the movie train; throw their flight cases and luggage on then jump. One of their Russian roadies Zakhir….well he almost didn’t make it.

Producer Julie said, “The scene they described reminds of that time in Darjeeling Limited when they’re trying catch the train.”

Go with yourself.

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New from Suroc Toys!

The government of Canada says they are on track to still get cannabis legalized in Canada by the end of summer.

Now you and your family can enjoy the byzantian of process of legalizing marijuana in Canada! New from Suroc Toys it’s MARIJUANA THE BOARD GAME!

Hours and hours, and days,and weeks and years and years of fun for the whole family!™


And since this is a music blog… this TOKiMONSTA track came through the inbox. I hit play because it was remixed by Sofi Tukker and I like their tunes on Alt Nation.

Go with yourself.

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Christmas first christmas

Some diabolical arch-Christmas mad scientists studied over 200 Christmas songs to try and find out what would make the perfect Christmas song.

A musicologist from Boston Conservatory at Berkley, USA found that the perfect Christmas song would say the word “Christmas” 21 times. Just hearing the word Christmas evokes feelings of happiness in many people.  The song should be about 3 minutes long and feature sleigh bells.

Other themes the song should tackles include, love, joy, peace, and Santa. Put that song in a major key and float it around 115 bpms and you are cashing royalty cheques.

Meredith and I decided to get into the lucrative Christmas carol trade with our own Christmas song. Have a listen.

Don’t be shy, if you LOVE it…be sure to share it with all the special people in your life.

ho ho ho go with yourself.


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dora dora dora

Jeremy and Meredith managed to get their hands on some exclusive trailer audio for the Dora The Explorer movie that Michael Bay is directing.

Producer: Jamie Ellard
Dora: Carmen Cruz
Announcer; Dustin Collins

The graphic was lifted from BossLogic


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Maddy pic

CFOX Vancouver imaging producer Jamie Ellard wanted to use a child’s voice to freshen up the “rock poetry” imaging that airs before some recurrent songs.

My 9-year-old daughter Madelyn came into the studio and put down her voice with Jamie.

Go with yourself.

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