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I don’t have a lot for you tonight….but it is Friday and I wanted to share something for you to help you get after it this weekend before I run out the door.

Basically I trolled DJ Primitive’s soundcloud feed and cherry picked a couple. He’s such a stud.

Happy Friday and go with yourself.

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Happy Friday music blog readers! I was strolling the halls of my old elementary school the day and say this school picture from 1986/87. That is my brother CJ in kindergarten (left, blue hang-loose shirt). I thought the picture was so funny, He has a daughter named Charlotte and they smile pretty much exactly the same. Weird how that works eh?

Let’s start with a fun sunny Friday banger from The Chainsmokers. “Good Intentions” is the cut.

Email from the band says, “So for us, the song is all about people who set out with the best intentions but end up with with the short end of the stick. The wonderful BullySongs from the UK wrote the topline explained to us that this song is all about those times that say to your lady or moms, ‘I am just running to the store, Ill be back in an hour, and end up back at 5am…’ and that idea really resonated with us as trouble makers with hearts of gold…

So this song is dedicated to all the screw ups, all the ppl out their who set out meaning well but somehow always end up messing it all up. Whether your doing somehting illegal to make ends meet or botching a trust fall… But Its an idea that hits close to home for everyone at some point…”


Victoria producer Pigeon Hole remixes the Beastie Boys’ 80s jammer “Girls.”

And finally something a little more chill… UK producer named after an American agri-state. Nebraska.

Back on the Island this weekend to see my kids and DJ a couple weddings.

Go with yourself.

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On Friday, the news of Adam Yauch’s death bounced around the world.  The Beastie Boy was much loved in the world of music.

I am not going to write about how I was a mega Beastie Boy fan or how they inspired me greatly… because I wasn’t and they didn’t… on a personal level.

I grew up with the music. I enjoy a bunch of their singles… that is about the extent of my Beastie Boys fandom.

I did hear the Chris Martin piano based tribute to the band.  And I thought it sounded pretty good.

Coldplay – “Fight For Your Right”

Download MP3 >> Coldplay – Fight For Your Right To Party

Go with yourself.

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