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I woke up feeling far more hungover than I had planned this morning.

Coral and I decided to stay in on New Years and keep it quiet.  We went for a nice dinner with Madelyn and then back home to watch Night at the Roxbury.  Great plan right?

My sister Andrea called.  Her friend Jenn was in town with her Aussie friend Matty.  They stopped by on their way to adventures downtown.  Well a cocktail turned into a few and Alix showed up with a bottle of red wine and yeah… I was up puking at 6 AM.  Blah.

Matty did turn me onto some pretty rad Aussie bands.

The Butterfly Effect
The Veil
Birds of Tokyo
Sneaky Sound System

I am going to be introducing some new content for the blog in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned as they say.

Go with yourself.

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