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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. I think I need to blog about Imagine Dragons, babies and Of Monsters and Men far more if I hope to truly claim my spot as a blog superstar.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 81,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 3 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Check it out!

My website is alive!

Spin The Black Disc

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I bought a domain name for my DJ /Music Consultation business yesterday. Spin The Black Disc dot com.

Right now it just forwards to this blog but I think one day I’ll create a page just for the domain to highlight and develop my professional music business separate from this here blog.

The title is a play on the Pearl Jam song, “Spin The Black Circle.”  Rad song, about playing records.  I flipped it up a bit so that way when you search for it, I hopefully will become the the number one ‘Spin the Black Disc’ on the net and not get lost in endless pages of Pearl Jam lyrics and youtube videos. (and with disc, the dot com was available!)

My logo branding concept is taking shape.  I’ll be using the colours and style of Australian Highway signs because… I have an odd fascination with the city of Perth and I like them.

Rozie said she’d give me a crash course on photoshop so I can try to manipulate my own logo.  Fun!

… coming soon! Actual business cards.

Go with yourself.

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My man James from LoadingReadyRun came over today to help me with the new Mac and to resurrect the Toshiba.  Success n both fronts… and we got to talking about podcasting.  I’ve been podcasting for many years now, and being a radio mucky muck, I have access to a professional audio studio, a tech guy, music, and production libraries.  Good times.  BUT I find it has left me a little ignorant on the hows and the whys and the whats.  I can make a podcast, but I feel that without this support from the radio station, I could never crank one out myself.

Now, oddly enough, I feel like I am learning about the nuts and bolts of podcasting again from scratch.  James and his team at LLR jam out a weekly podcast just like Capital Rock City.  Their podcast is a 40 minute yak fest where a bunch of dudes sit around and riff on video games.  I wanted to know how they do it.  James basically explained they use a USB mic called the Samson C03U.  They record into GarageBand which is an audio editor software that comes with the MacBook.  I have been poking around Garageband and find it weird, seeing as I have used Cool Edit pro for a hundred years and Pro-Tools sometimes.  What I like about Garageband is that it seems built for podcasting and will let me do a bunch of stuff that I see on other podcasts that I have wondered about.  Like inserting pictures and having them change during the broadcast.  neat.  It’ll take sometime to figure it out and I’ll need a mic (think I’ll see about a Samson), but you might be hearing some early demo podcasts on here pretty soon.

Another inspiring thing that should help get some new show ideas out there is streaming the shows on this here blog.  Amanda over at the Indie Files was very helpful in explaining how to rock an audio player on the blog. Check out an MP3 post she made that features the songs she is talking about.

Your likely thinking, “holy fuck Jeremy, that is some blogging 101 stuff there.”  But not for me, I’ve seen that on so many blogs and always wanted to do that on my blog when i’m yapping about music, or quickly jam out a little podcast to play some audio for you… and now finally I think I can.

You’ll likely be hearing and seeing some practise over the next couple weeks as I flirt with Garageband, WordPress, Serato and this Mac, creating podcasts and publishing the content.

Thank you James for your computer knowledge and help and to Amanda for the email.

Oh and the Toshiba lives. Nice.

Go with yourself.

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So Behind

I must apologize, I have a few blogs to get up but have been so busy and working on other things.

I’ll let you know about that, plus a Capital Rock City post and interviews/performances with Daniel Wesley, USS, Priestess and Ill Scarlett all on deck!

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slow clap

Huckdoll’s post today is mighty.

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Coming Soon….  a David Eleanor // Morning After Show joint

The Blog of Steak

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Where did my body go?

whoa, I need to blog.  Last week was a hard long week, this week is actually twice that.  So the blog might be a bit spotty this week.  Sorry.  Thank you for reading.

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Metro Cascade

Hey Metro Cascade, you kids are alright!

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New Email Address

So I got an new email address.  a Gmail.

Here it is: jeremybaker250 *at* gmail.com

Every name was taken.  lame.  Hence the 250 at the end (area code for Van Isle, ya dig?).

I was thinking of this as my signature at the bottom of my emails…


(blah blah blah)


Radio Guy/Music Nerd/Father


is that groovy or sorta lame?  If lame, better might be?  I’d love your thoughts before I send emails out to anyone I care about and come of as mentally unstable.  Thank you.

Coral and I aced our Shaw phone and home internet service.  Then I got a cell phone.  The laptop still somehow gets signals from the ether, so till our neighbour passwords it… we’ll operate like this.  Its a cost neutral switch… as my $70 saved gets given right to Bell.  Didn’t really take any money from the man, and in a round about way… doesn’t this money end up in the Toronto Maple Leaf’s hands?  Did the Ontario Teachers Union buy Bell yet?

Riiiiight, now I am just blogging for the sake of blogging so I better stop now.

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