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It feels like a long time ago now….and it probably was along time ago…but back in time, Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene was in Victoria and we thought it would be fun if we handed the radio over to him for an hour of vinyl record Disc Jockery. It was a cool hour and one song he played has stayed with me to this day and I still find excuses to play it (currently as a music bed at CFOX).

The band was called The Green Arrows and they are from Zimbabwe. I think he said he found the record while shopping on his tour in Winnipeg. (maybe I’m making that part up?)

Go with yourself.

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Rosie JuneThis remix is making me feel alright. Rosie June is a performer from Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

Her record is called Listening Post and you’ll find it on Brendan Canning‘s Draper Street Records.

We’ll get a chance to see Rosie June in September as part of Rifflandia. Schedule will be out tomorrow (3PM, listen to my radio show on The Zone @ 91-3)…I know whatever stage she is playing, I’ll want to be there.

The remix from Bear Mountain takes Rosie June’s normally lighter than air dream pop and ties some rocks around it’s legs. It still floats, but also bounces along the ground. Hilly Dilly talks about a tropical influence. I can get behind that… We live on an Island after all! This is a track that will be showing up in my Rooftop set tomorrow at The Strathcona Hotel.

For the sake of the compare and contrast, here is the original dream popper.

and one more because I’m crushing hard.

Go with yourself.

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