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Vancouver’s Young Bombs sent over this tasty remix of the Weezer classic “Say It Ain’t So.”

The remix DJ team will be at Rifflandia in Victoria on Thursday, September 13th at the Phillips Backyard stage.

The guys said, “This is a special one because it’s our first time remixing a classic. Weezer is a band we loved growing up and this is definitely one of those songs we played when we first started learning how to play instruments. Remixing this brought the inner child out of us and we hope it shows.”

Sadly I won’t be over in Victoria by Thursday to see Young Bombs,m but I’ll see you out there on Saturday. Save me a high five.


The rock & roll lifestyle has been raging over here. Who’d have guess I’m a 38-year-old father of three! Coral and I were at Skookum in Vancouver over a rainy weekend.  Wednesday I’ll try to hit Coheed and Cambria at the Commodore then we’re off to Victoria for Rifflandia.

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Can’t promise I’ll return to regular blogging anytime soon…but every so often someone sends me a song that cuts through. As always, thank you for the emails and messages!

Go with yourself.

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I’m the dude wearing a baby doing a high kick. Good times.

Go with yourself.

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jon and roy

It is time.

Rifflandia is upon us.

Today I am broadcasting my radio show from Riff HQ. Downtown on Douglas at Pandora. I’ll be getting my family’s wristbands. Maybe taking advantage of Wristband Connect tonight for dinner. 10% off at Foo? C’mon!

Victoria’s Jon and Roy stopped by the show yesterday to talk about their set at the Victoria Public Market. They also performed their new song “Every Night.”

Jon and Roy
Friday, September 12th
11:30 PM, Public Market


Roy (of Jon and Roy fame) is a teacher. I had to share with him a rant my 6-year-old did at the dinner table the other night. She started going off on the strike and because I carry a recorder with me everywhere, I captured it!

To Rifflandia and Beyond!

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Little India

Little India are an indie-pop band from Vancouver. Riff says they have a crush on Two Door Cinema Club? I’ll believe that!Little India have not been trucking very long but already they’ve opened for some huge alt-pop groups like The 1975, Atlas Genius, St. Lucia and The Drums. They recently won the CFOX Seeds contest and now they’ll be in Victoria for Rifflandia! Pencil them into your Blackberry.

Thursday, September 11th
9:30 PM // Anian 

The radio single is called “Sleep.” 

That song is good…but their track “Oola” is great. Love the remix ep including these cuts….

Amazing… the Cedric Par remix is especially chill. I tells ya, its the small print bands where you find the gems.

I am hoping Conan from the band will stop by my broadcast on Thursday, September 11th for an interview!

Go with yourself.

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rich aucoin

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Rich Aucoin, and I don’t know him many of those times have been at Rifflandia. More than once, but less a thousand? 

Rich is back on the West Coast for a Saturday, September 13th,  night-stage Rifflandia set at the Metro Theatre. He has a brand new record called Ephemeral. If you’ve never been to a Rich Aucoin show before….you better bring your helmet. Lots of singing, graphics on screens, internet memes blasting at you, maybe a parachute? 

The dude is a positivity warrior, singing about having fun and believing in love, and yourself, and each other. It’s a good time.

Go with yourself.

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coral and Jack

Summer continues to rage on the west coast. The Baker tribe spent some time in Edmonton, then back to the coast to hit a wedding on Salt Spring Island.

It’s time to get settle into the radio factory and focus on the fall….hammer out the final DJ gigs of the season…and get ready for Rifflandia!  Before taking off on summer holiday…we announced the final acts for Victoria’s version of the fall classic. No wait… it’s still summer! 

One band I am jazzed to check out at Rifflandia this year is Half Moon Run. The Montreal based band jams some beautiful folky harmonies. Big sweeping songs. Occasionally a little darkness seeps into their sounds. I have more than a couple favourites.

The song “She Wants To Know” … I’m all about it.

and a remix! 

Another song that really shows this band off is called, “Full Circle.”

Half Moon Run will be playing a couple shows at Rifflandia. Saturday night at Alix Goolden Hall and then Sunday in the park. Pencil them into your Blackberry, you won’t miss these guys. 

Go with yourself.

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Rosie JuneThis remix is making me feel alright. Rosie June is a performer from Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

Her record is called Listening Post and you’ll find it on Brendan Canning‘s Draper Street Records.

We’ll get a chance to see Rosie June in September as part of Rifflandia. Schedule will be out tomorrow (3PM, listen to my radio show on The Zone @ 91-3)…I know whatever stage she is playing, I’ll want to be there.

The remix from Bear Mountain takes Rosie June’s normally lighter than air dream pop and ties some rocks around it’s legs. It still floats, but also bounces along the ground. Hilly Dilly talks about a tropical influence. I can get behind that… We live on an Island after all! This is a track that will be showing up in my Rooftop set tomorrow at The Strathcona Hotel.

For the sake of the compare and contrast, here is the original dream popper.

and one more because I’m crushing hard.

Go with yourself.

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No the band from Echo Park

No the band
No the band, from Echo Park, Los Angeles, California came to Victoria.  Their first ever Canadian show was at 3PM on a Friday.  There were not too many people in attendance as the doors of Rifflandia had just opened.   For those of us that started our party early, we had a chance to see a pretty decent, moody, indie band.

No’s most popular song on soundcloud is called “Stay With Me.”  The song was featured on the TV show Suits the other day.

It would be pretty easy to draw a parallel to Brooklyn’s The National.  It has that gravity and atmosphere for sure.  Here is another song I liked off their ep.  This one reminds me of the Airborne Toxic Event, or even Atomic Tom.

Go with yourself.

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Rifflandia: Where am I Gunna Be At?

Twas the night before Riffmass….

I spent some time on the Rifflandia app last night favouriting some things… here is my wishlist to see:

Thursday Day!

I’ll be broadcasting the show Rifflandia HQ, 2PM till 6PM.  Come say hello!  Maybe a post show/pre game cocktail at Veneto?

Thursday Night!

8:30 :: Market Square :: To see my homeboy Shrew!
9:30 :: Copper Owl :: Juvenile Hall
10:30 :: Phillips Backyard :: James Murphy DJ Set
11:30 :: Copper Owl :: The Mants
12:30 :: Studio CMCT :: Versa
12:30 :: Metro Theatre :: then race across town maybe for Braids

Friday Day!

See you in the park.  I’ll be broadcasting my radio show from Camp Zone till 6PM. Then we will drink all of the beers and lay many high-fives….or maybe chase after my kid and make sure my pregnant is comfortable and having fun? Yeah, probably that.

Friday Night!

8:30 :: Alix Goolden Hall :: Hawk and Steel if I get out of the park at a decent hour
9:30 :: Phillips Backyard :: Action Bronson
10:30 :: Studio CMCT :: The Wizards OR
10:30 :: Victoria Event Center :: Dougal Bain McLean
11:30 :: Alix Goolden Hall :: Cold Specks
12:30 :: Sugar Nightclub :: Holy Fuck

Saturday Day!

I’ll be helping you toast your marshmallows at Camp Zone from noon till 3PM.

Saturday Night!

I have a DJ gig, so I’ll be out of action…but I hope to be back downtown in time for…

12:30 :: Copper Owl :: Bear Mountain

Sunday Day!

Sunday Funday in the park with Coral and Madelyn… taken’r easy and laying some high fives.


Pol and I were talking about the best laid plans, and how they easily go sideways.  The reality is that parties have a gravitational pull and I will fall into the orbit of the dominating one!

Stay hydrated, we’ll see out there.

Go with yourself.

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I sometimes wish I kept more stuff…. that seems weird when people are always wanting to shed things…but back before I got a smartphone (and i was late bloomer) I didn’t take too many pictures. And I didn’t keep too many mementoes.  I was thinking about it today as I was trying to remember those first couple Rifflandias.  I still have my Rifflandia 1 ticket stub but can’t really recall the shows.  I just remember how it worked.  I barely remember Riff 2 except I DJ’d the Thursday night upstairs in the Clubhouse at the Strathcona.  I was able to go downstairs to see Said the Whale and Dan Mangan which was rad.  I remember Riff 2 had line-ups, or people complaining about them but I just wandered around to venues with no people and stumbled into Lucky Bar where there was hardly anyone.  The Laundronauts played and I think they had a bubble machine?  Finally I ended up at Element (which is now Club 9one9) and I was able to see Holy Fuck!

There were some issues at the radio factory because head-office wasn’t sure if The Zone should be associated with an event featuring a band called Holy Fuck!  Apparently someone had complained direct to head office about…I dunno, rock & roll…but things were patched and Riff 2 was gold.

Riff 3 I think was the year it rained a bunch and I met Melissa Auf der Maur in the Veneto.  Neat.

Right, Holy Fuck!

Their song “Lovely Allen”…yup still a favourite.  The show down in the basement on a drunken night so many moons ago was brilliant and it is one of my few memories still in my brain of Riff 2 (that and Dan Mangan’s beautiful eyes).

The Rifflandia Magazine for Riff 6 says that Holy Fuck have a new record in the works?  That’s cool, their Tumblr is light on the info and I think Pitchfork stopped caring about them in 2010.

This song is recent-ish….

So let’s party like its 2009 on Friday, September 13th.  12:30AM at Sugar Night Club.

Holy Fuck, what time is it?  I gotta wake up in 6 hours to take the kid to school.  Go with yourself.

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