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Big, arena filling, guitar rock from Bridges. The British band is from Bristol. The band reminds me of Kings of Leon. Has a bit of lazy swagger early on the cut “BFF” before tightening the focus and taking off with a soaring chorus.

“work it out, you’ve always been best friends.”

Touching sentiment, let’s hit play.


black honey

I was feeling the Wolf Alice yesterday and it seems some of you record promoters actually read the blogs (huh)…and so I was sent another UK band called Black Honey.

The rockers are from Brighton. I always seem to be getting emails from bands out of Brighton…is that a hip part of England? It’s on the ocean, all cities on the ocean are hip.

The song is called “Madonna.” Part of a double a-side they are releasing April 6th.



Party ends in New York City. Alternapop from Vérité. Her new song is called “Wasteland.”

Touring back east right now. UK tour coming up and she’ll be at SXSW. Nothing in the Pacific North-West. Boo-hoo.

Happy Thursday! One more sleep then I’m back to Victoria. We’re throwing our daughter a great big 7th birthday party, I’m gunna DJ!  Huge gig. ahhh, my kid is like Shoshanna in Girls, lives on the edge of fashion.

Oh shit…and I’m hanging out with Sam Roberts tomorrow. So there’s that.

Go with yourself.

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